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SHAREfactory™ v1.09 Track 2 & Green Screen Tutorial (PS4)


Commentary is renamed to Track 2, with new green screen and second video timeline functions.

Commentary received a major overhaul in Patch 1.08 by becoming the new Track 2 in SHAREfactory Film Projects. Track 2 supports a wide variety of updates and changes to recording commentary, as well as adding Capture Gallery video clips for Side-by-side videos and new Green Screen support.

The most drastic change to Track 2 is the behavior that Add Track 2 and Edit Track 2 are now essentially two separate modes. More on these changes can be found below, or in this tutorial video.

Differences between Add Track 2 & Edit Track 2Edit

When editng and recording in Track 2, it is now important to remember the primary differences in these two modes:

  • Add Track 2 now encompasses all features for recording video and audio commentaries, as well as adding Capture Gallery clips. Any settings changed here or in Add Track 2's new TRIANGLE1Camera Mode will affect future recordings.

  • Edit Track 2 is where you can edit existing video clips and audio recordings applied to Track 2. Edit Track 2 also includes TRIANGLE1 Adjust Mode, where you can modify your applied Green Screen settings.

  • You can automatically switch between these 2 modes in Track 2 by selecting XRecord or SQUAREEdit. TRIANGLE1 switches between Camera and Adjust Mode based on whether you are currently in Add or Edit Track 2.

Add Track 2Edit

SHAREfactory™ 20170927220130

As stated above, Add Track 2 is the mode where you add new recordings or Capture Gallery clips to the Track 2 timeline. The left video panel shows video as it appears on Track 1, while the right video panel displays footage from the PlayStation®Camera. You can add 10 clips or recordings to the Track 2 timeline.

  • XRecord has the familiar record menu with some additional features:
    • RecordVideoRecord Video records footage from a connected PlayStation®Camera into the timeline. Now this video automatically saves to the Capture Gallery, freeing it from the internal limited budget.

    • RecordAudioRecord Audio records all audio from your connected microphone. This can include a wired or wireless headset, or the PlayStation®Camera. As the Capture Gallery does not support audio only formats, this data is still saved internally into the app and is limited to 6-7 hours of saved recordings.
      NOTE: To remove previously recorded audio commentaries, delete old project containing recordings, or remove them from the old projects and save.

    • AddClipTrack2Add Clip now allows editors to add any Capture Gallery clip to Track 2. This allows for adding side-by-side videos with Track 2.

  • TRIANGLE1Camera Mode in Add Track 2 allows editors to save presets for how they want their future video recordings to appear, including adding automatic Green Screen settings basic on their current setups. These preferences are then saved to SHAREfactory's PS4 Save Data. More on the functions of Camera and Adjust Mode below.

    IMPORTANT: SHAREfactory Save Data only contains these and other various presets. It DOES NOT save Video and Photo Project files. These will be lost if SHAREfactory is deleted.

Edit Track 2Edit

SHAREfactory™ 20170927220809

As mentioned before, Edit Track 2 is the mode where you modify editing clips and recordings in the Track 2 timeline. The left video panel remains the same as in Add Track 2. However in Edit Track 2, the right video panel displays your currently highlighted Track 2 clip.

  • SQUAREEdit opens the standard Edit Menu for Track 2:
    • SplitClipTrack2Split Clip has been added to the Edit Track 2 menu. Just as with Split Clip in the Main Timeline, Split Clip will increase the number of clips you are currently using on Track 2. Split Clip on Track 2 is also limited to once every 2 seconds.

    • TrimClipTrack2Trim Clip mirrors the Trim Clip function found in the main timeline for Track 2 clips.

    • MoveClipTrack2Move Clip allows you to re-position your Track 2 clip to different places in the timeline. Unlike the main timeline, Track 2 can move freely without the Track 2 timeline being filled with video.
      TIP: To time your Track 2 videos with Track 1, pause on the Track 2 video that you want to match with Track 1. Select Move Clip on this frame, then and match with the Track 1 frame in the left video panel.

    • DeleteTrack2Delete Clip removes the Track 2 clip from the timeline.
      NOTE: While Video is now saved to the Capture Gallery and can be re-added, Audio Commentaries cannot be restored once deleted.

    • ClipVolumeTrack2Clip Volume can modify your Track 2 clips sound from 0-200%

    • PIPLayoutPIP Layout sets how you want your Track 2 video to display alongside your Track 1 video:
      • Standard PIP Layouts include Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, and Fullscreen.
      • Animated PIP Layouts move onto and off the screen as they begin and end. These include Center and Swivel.
      • Backdrop PIP Layouts include background images based on the Theme selected for the Project. These include Side-by-side and Offset.

    • BackdropTrack2PIP Backdrop enables when a PIP Layout with a Backdrop is used (i.e. Side-by-side or Offset). This option allows the editor to swap the default backdrop with any Screenshot from the Capture Gallery or other Theme Art background. You can also use any Animated SHAREfactory Art as a backdrop. Some of these animated backdrops contain extra Backdrop Settings you can further customize.

    • BackdropSettingsTrack2PIP Settings sets options for added Drop Shadows or a Color Frame to your Track 2 videos.

    • You can also now add any FilterTrack2Filter to a video in Track 2. All of the same Filter Settings remain available for each option.

  • TRIANGLE1Adjust Mode in Edit Track 2 allows editors to modify their existing clips placed in Track 2. This mode allows you to apply Green Screen and other effects not only to your Video Recordings, but also your Capture Gallery clips.

Camera Mode & Adjust ModeEdit

As mentioned above, TRIANGLE1Camera Mode and Adjust Mode contain many of the same functions, but apply in different methods for each mode of Add Track 2 and Edit Track 2. Below are the primary functions of these Chroma Key modes:

  • XChroma Key Mode sets what type of mode the current clip is set to.
    • In Camera Mode, this sets future recordings for your PlayStation®Camera to appear in.
    • In Adjust Mode, this sets modifies the currently highlighted clip into the selected setting.

    • NormalNormal sets videos to appear with no extra effects.
    • GreenScreenGreen Screen to remove the more prevalent color the video contains or PlayStation®Camera sees.
    • WhiteScreenWhite Screen to remove the lightest colors the video contains or PlayStation®Camera sees.
    • CutoutCutout leaves an adjustable circle of recorded video onscreen.

  • SQUAREEdit opens various options to modify the selected Chroma Key mode. These options change based on what Chroma Key mode is currently active.
    • PanZoomTrack2Pan & Zoom zooms into the clip or recording with LeftAnalog and can pan with RightAnalog

    • ChromaSettingsSettings have various modifications based on the Chroma Key mode selected
      • Feathering modifies the softness of the edges that are cut out by Chroma Key effects.
      • Tolerance (Green/White Screen) increases the range at which color is selected for Chroma Key modes.
      • Radius (Cutout) modifies the size of the circle cutout effects.

    • BackdropTrack2Backdrop contains options to replace the transparent area of Chroma Key effects in Track 2 videos with a selected image from the Capture Gallery, Theme Art or various SHAREfactory Art.
      • AddBackdropTrack2Add/Replace Backdrop opens the Choose Screenshot menu to apply a Backdrop.
      • DeleteBackdropTrack2Delete Backdrop removes an applied Backdrop
      • BackdropSettingsTrack2Backdrop Settings let's you modify adjustable SHAREfactory Art set as a Backdrop, such as STARS, GRADIENT, etc.

    • CameraTuningCamera Tuning (Camera Mode only)
      • These settings for Hue, Saturation Contrast, and Sharpness will make adjustments to how the video is recorded.
        IMPORTANT: Unlike other options, these effects are recorded into Capture Gallery clip recordings and cannot be removed later.

  • CIRCLEExit returns to the Track 2 timeline.
    IMPORTANT: Because Chroma Key settings such as Green Screen are constantly looking at the current frame for the most prevalent color displayed, clips will lock to the Chroma Key color highlighted when exiting Camera or Adjust Mode. When exiting these modes on any clip, be sure to be aware of the color being keyed in the upper right corner. This affect is unique to each clip in Adjust Mode.

Tips & Tricks for Track 2 Green ScreenEdit

The following videos overview a few handy tricks you can try with SHAREfactory's Green Screen effects. Some of these effects include:

Green Screen Tips & Tricks (Part 1) - SHAREfactory™ v1

Green Screen Tips & Tricks (Part 1) - SHAREfactory™ v1.09 (PS4)

Green Screen Tips & Tricks (Part 2) - SHAREfactory™ v1

Green Screen Tips & Tricks (Part 2) - SHAREfactory™ v1.09 (PS4)

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