Time Bender allows for Time Lapse and Slow Motion effects

Time Bender is introduced in Patch 1.07, and can be found in the main timeline's SQUARE Edit Menu. It allows you to edit any clip in the main timeline with a custom playback speed, between 1/4 and 4X speed. You can also set the blending modes of frames, which will modify how there affects display on Export.

Basic Functionality & BehaviorsEdit

Time Bender allows users to change their video clips playback to the following speeds:

1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 2X, 4X, 8X
1X removes the Time Bender effect.

You can also change the blending options for the clip to STEP or SMOOTH to adjust how the affect will appear.

Clips affected by Time Bender displays in Track 1 as PURPLE.


​Step vs. Smooth Blending Modes​Edit

A​s all video clips save to the PS4 with the button are locked to play at 30FPS, Time Bender also includes an option that allows users to adjust the Blending Mode for frames in their clips.

Step in Fast Forward (2X - 8X)
Omits displays some of the frames in videos, depending on the speed selected.

Smooth in Fast Forward (2X - 8X)
Blends frames together, similar to a crossfade.

Step in Slow Motion (1/8 - 1/2)
Increases the amount of time each frame displays for, based on the speed selected.

Smooth in Slow Motion (1/8 - 1/2)​
Time Bender employs "Motion Interpolation",​ which attempts to anticipate how the images of the video would appear in-between the true frames of the video. To add stability to this affect, a vignette outline is added to videos along the screen edges.

Export Differences​Edit

1X Playback

1X Playback

Due to the unpredictable nature of​ Time Bender​ and Blending Mode effects​, it is extremely difficult to accurately display how these effects will appear while actively editing your Film Projects. This means that the final look of this affect will only display in the​ Exported Video Clip​. Below displays some examples of these effects:​

​4X Step Playback
4X Step Playback

​4X Step Export​
4x Step Export

​4X Smooth Playback
4x Smooth Playback

​4X Smooth Export​
4x Smooth Export

​1/4 Step Playback
1 4 Step Playback

​1/4 Step Export​
1 4 Step Export

​1/4 Smooth Playback
1 4 Smooth Playback

​1/4 Smooth Export​
1 4 Smooth Export

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