Each Theme has content specific to that Theme, so choose wisely.

Themes in SHAREfactory allow Players to apply specific content related to various games to their Projects. These assets are not shared across other Themes, so Players should consider each before starting their project. Themes include the following unique assets:

  • Theme Clips
  • Theme Cinematic Transitions
  • Theme Stickers
  • Theme Text (Fonts)
    • Includes 4 Theme Colors
  • Theme Music
    • DLC Themes only
  • Theme Art, found in:
    • Add Screenshots
    • Track 2 PIP Layouts
    • Layouts FX
    • Bar Wipe Transitions
  • DLC SHAREfactory Themes

Theme Clips​Edit


Theme Clips are automatically selected when starting a project.

Theme Clips are a set of at lea​st 3 Clips included with the Theme, consisting of a Intro Clip, Title Clip, and Outro Clip. By default these clips are automatically added to the Project on creation after selecting a Theme, in addition to a global "Stinger" Clip that is added at the end of the Project in all Themes.

NOTE: Some Themes can contain multiple options for Intro, Title and Outro Clips

Theme Cinematic Transitions​Edit


Theme Transitions appear are the top of the Choose Transitions menu.

When adding Transitions, the Player gain access to several unique Cinematic Transitions for each Theme in addition to the global options. These vary in number for each theme.

NOTE: The 4 original Themes released are available globally in all Themes.

  • PS4
  • SHAREfactory™
  • The Playroom
  • inFAMOUS Second Son™

The​me StickersEdit


Add unique Stickers to your projects with each theme.

In addition to Stickers that are globally available across all Projects, unique Theme Stickers can also be found in:

Main Timeline

Add Overlays

Theme Stickers

Theme Text (Fonts)​Edit


Each Theme can have a unique font(s) for Text Overlay FX options. This is usually a game or title font found in the associated title and will display as the first font(s) option in the ​​Choose Overlays > Text screen.

Additionally, every Theme includes 4 unique Color Palette options. (First 4 are Theme-specific, Black & White, then the last 4 colors selected).

Theme MusicEdit


Theme Music appears in Choose Music, and is identified by the Theme Music Icon.

Some DLC Themes (such as Destiny™, Street Fighter® V, etc.) include Theme-specific Music Tracks. These can be found in Add Music when the Theme is active and do not affect the Player's overall USB Imported Music Budget. (500MB)

Theme Art (Screenshots)Edit


Theme Art can be found in any Add Screenshot menu.

​​Theme Art are Theme-specific Screenshot assets that are used throughout the Theme. Users can add clean versions of these Screenshots directly into their projects from ​​Choose Screenshots.

​​These assets are also used in background and backdrop assets in other features, such as:

  • ​​Track 2 PIP Layouts
    • Offset & Side-by-Side
  • ​​Custom Backdrops used with Track 2 Green Screen
  • ​​Fading animations of Bar Transitions
  • ​​Backgrounds in select Default Layouts

​​DLC SHAREfactory™ Themes​Edit


SHAREfactory Themes on the PlayStation®Store

Patch 1.04 introduces DLC SHAREfactory Themes. These are Themes that can be downloaded for free or purchased from the PlayStation®Store. Unlike other games and apps however, SHAREfactory™ is to be treated as a system application. Therefore, it uses a special installation system for adding DLC content that grants ownership of the Theme to the respective game development team of the IP.

Basic Behavior

The installation system that DLC SHAREfactory Themes allows for other developers to create Themes for SHAREfactory independently.

To that end, this requires the content owner's entitlement to remain with the relevant game, rather than SHAREfactory. In effect, the content of a Theme is installed into SHAREfactory, while the IP ownership of the content remains with the game. You can see this system in effect with the below scenarios.

Installation Scenarios

  • SHAREfactory™ and Destiny™ are installed onto the Player's console. When a Destiny SHAREfactory™ Theme is downloaded and installed, you can note the size of data size of SHAREfactory increases in the app's Information screen, while the Theme ownership is saved to Destiny™. Deleting Destiny™ from the system revokes this ownership and removes the Theme from SHAREfactory™'s Choose Themes menu.

  • When only SHAREfactory™ is installed on the console and the Destiny™ SHAREfactory™ Theme is installed, the content of the Theme is placed in SHAREfactory™, while the entitlement is held by the system until Destiny™ is installed.

    • NOTE: As DLC SHAREfactory Themes are basically add-ons for their associated game title, they can only be removed from SHAREfactory after the associated game is installed, then deleted from the console, or deleting by SHAREfactory itself to remove all installed Themes.


Released DLC SHAREfactory Themes​Edit

Title Released Developer/Publisher
PlayStation®4 (Included with 1.00) ​ 30-APR-2014 SIE WWS
SHAREfactory™ (Included with 1.00) ​ 30-APR-2014 SIE WWS
The Playroom™ (Included with 1.00) ​ 30-APR-2014 SIE WWS
inFAMOUS: Second Son™ (Included with 1.00) ​ 30-APR-2014 Sucker Punch
Soccer/Futbol (Patch 1.01) 06-JUN-2014 SIE WWS
Shooter ​(Patch 1.01) 06-JUN-2014 SIE WWS
Battlefield™: Hardline​ (unlocked at EA E32014) 09-JUN-2014 EA DICE
The Last of Us™ ​(Patch 1.02) 28-JUL-2014 Naughty Dog
Naughty Dog™ 30th Anniversary ​(unlocked in Patch 1.02) 23-SEP-2014 Naughty Dog
Horror ​(Patch 1.03) 10-OCT-2014 SIE WWS
The Evil Within™ ​(unlocked Patch 1.03) 14-OCT-2014 Bethesda​
Destiny™ 10-FEB-2015 Bungie/Activision
KILLZONE™ Shadow Fall 10-FEB-2015 Guerrilla Games
LittleBIGPlanet™ 3 10-FEB-2015 Media Molecule
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 10-FEB-2015 Popcap/EA
Pro Evolution Soccer™ 2015 ​(delisted) 10-FEB-2015 Konami
SHAREfactory™ 80's 10-FEB-2015 SIE WWS
DRIVECLUB™ 21-APR-2015 Evolution Studios
Bloodborne™ 02-JUN-2015 FromSoftware
SHAREfactory™ Countdown: Racing 23-JUN-2015 SIE WWS
MLB®15 The Show™: American League 07-JUL-2015 San Diego Studios
MLB®15 The Show™: National League 07-JUL-2015 San Diego Studios
SHAREfactory™: 70's 28-JUL-2015 SIE WWS
Rocket League 04-AUG-2015 Psyonics
Call of Duty®: Black Ops III​​ MP Beta 18-AUG-2015 Treyarch/Activision
PlayStation® 20th Anniversary 09-SEP-2015 SIE WWS
Star Wars™: Battlefront™​​ 06-OCT-2015 LucasArts/EA
Tearaway™ Unfolded​​ 16-NOV-2015 Media Molecule
Pro Evolution Soccer™ 2016​​ (delisted) 01-DEC-2015 Konami
SHAREfactory™: Top 10 01-DEC-2015 SIE WWS
UNCHARTED™ 4 Multiplayer​​ 04-DEC-2015 Naughty Dog
Batman™: Arkham Knight 22-DEC​​-2015 Rocksteady/WB
Call of Duty®: Black Ops III​​ 07-JAN​-2016 Treyarch/Activision
Hardware: Rivals™ 19​-JAN-2016 SIE CCG
Street Fighter® V​​​ 16-FEB-2016 Capcom
Life is Strange™ 11-MAR-2016 DON'T NOD/SQUARE-ENIX
SHAREfactory™: 50's 06-APR​-2016 SIE WWS
SHAREfactory™ Shooter: Top 10 28-JUN-2016 SIE WWS
SHAREfactory™: Retro​​ 30-AUG-2016 SIE WWS
For Honor™ Alpha​​​​ ​(delisted) 13-SEP-2016​ Ubisoft Montreal
Paragon​ 21-OCT-2016 Epic Games
Watch_Dogs® 2 15-NOV-2016 Ubisoft Montreal
Titanfall 2​​​​​ 16-NOV-2016 Respawn Entertainment
Battlefield 1 18-NOV​​-2016 EA DICE
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon®: Wildlands​​​​ ​​03-FEB-2017 Ubisoft Paris
PlayStation®4 (1080p redux) (Patch 2.50) 09-MAR-2017 SIE WWS
SHAREfactory™ (1080p redux)​ (Patch 2.50) ​​ 09-MAR-2017 SIE WWS
Infomercial​ (Patch 2.50) 09-MAR-2017 SIE WWS
RESIDENT EVIL®7 biohazard 04-APR​-2017 Capcom
BIOHAZARD®7 resident evil (SIE-Japan) 04-APR​-2017 Capcom
Horizon: Zero Dawn​​​ 11-APR-2017 Guerrilla Games
Nioh​​​​ 02-MAY-2017 KOEI TEMCO/Team Ninja ​
World of Tanks 23​-MAY-2017
Dreadnought™ 01-AUG-2017 Yager Development/Grey Box
Yakuza​™ 29-AUG-2017 SEGA
Destiny™ 2 07-SEP-2017 Bungie/Activision
STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II 29-NOV-2017 EA DICE
Call of Duty®: WWII 21-DEC-2017 Sledgehammer Games/Activision
Monster Hunter: World 26-JAN-2018 Capcom
South Park: The Fractured but Whole 01-FEB-2018 Ubisoft San Francisco
STEEP 12-FEB-2018 Ubisoft Annecy
Rainbow Six Siege 26-FEB-2018 Ubisoft Montreal
SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS 23-FEB 2018 Bluepoint Games/SCE
Ni no Kuni™ II: REVENANT KINGDOM 23-MAR-2018 Level-5/Bandai Namco Entertainment
Far Cry 5 27-MAR-2018 Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto
God of War 20-APR-2018 SIE Santa Monica Studio
Warframe® 24-APR-2018 Digital Extremes
Fortnite 10-MAY-2018 Epic Games
Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 12-OCT-2018 Treyarch/Activision
Red Dead Redemption 2 26-OCT-2018 Rockstar Games
Battlefield™ V 15-NOV-2018 EA DICE
ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN 18-JAN-2019 Bandai Namco Studios
Resident Evil 2 25-JAN-2019 Capcom
Anthem™ 29-JAN-2019 BioWare/EA
Just Cause 4 01-FEB-2019 Avalanche Studios/Square Enix
Apex Legends™ 19-MAR-2019 Respawn Entertainment/EA
Devil May Cry 5 01-APR-2019 Capcom
Days Gone 03-JUN-2019 SIE Bend Studio
Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice 09-SEP-2019 FromSoftware/Activision
Need for Speed™ Heat 03-MAR-2020 Ghost Games/EA
Dreams 01-MAY-2020 Media Molecule

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