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Some publishers enforce more fine-tuned control on how their content is shared with the SHARE2 button and SHAREfactory. To that end, the PS4 System Software and SHAREfactory have specific implementations on how these videos and screenshots can be shared online.


Blocked Clips & Screenshots are scenes in gameplay that are either not permitted to be recorded, or limited on how they can be shared. Below are some examples of these behaviors in action:

GTAV's Rockstar EditorEdit


Examples of Disabled Online Services.


Examples of Disabled "Copy to USB" functions.

The Rockstar Editor can edit footage within GTAV using the in-game engine and export video much like SHAREfactory, however these videos are only permitted to publish to YouTube. All Exports from the Rockstar Editor block uploads to Facebook, Twitter, & dailymotion, as well as disable the Copy to USB function of the Capture Gallery.

IMPORTANT: These functions are mirrored when any Exports from the Rockstar Editor is used in SHAREfactory.

Audio & Music Licensing BlocksEdit

Audio & Music Licensing can cause some issues for publishers. To address this, publishers retain the ability to disable some or all audio in SHARE2 button video clips.

  • GTAV disables radio and ingame music in SHARE2 Video Clips​.
  • NBA2K18 disables all audio in SHARE2 Video Clips.



Other functions may include embedding a small watermark image in SHARE2 Video Clips and Screenshots. Examples include:

  • Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Watch_Dogs 2
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV

Blocked Scene NotificationsEdit

Blocked RecordingPaused
Blocked RecordingResume

Blocked Content is identified when a Notification appears on the screen "Gameplay recording paused because you entered a blocked scene." This occurs in predetermined sections of the game where the developer does not want footage to be recorded, such as story cutscenes with spoilers, or various legal reasons. When this notice displays, Screenshots cannot be captured. Video will only save up to the point of entering the blocked scene, or omit the blocked scene once exited and recording has resumed.

Blocked Videos in SHAREfactoryEdit


Blocked Scene will occur if restricted content is used in any form in SHAREfactory.

SHAREfactory carries over many of these blocked behaviors when an affected video used one of these clips in a Video Project. Below lists the behavior examples to expect:

  • When a Blocked Clip is added to a project and exported​, the same limits applied to the full video for to what Online Services are permitted and permissions for Copy to USB.

  • When entering Fullscreen in a SHAREfactory Video Project, the Notification for "Gameplay recording paused because you entered a blocked scene." will display and omit the blocked clip from the live SHARE Video Recording within SHAREfactory and disables saving a Screenshot while in the Blocked Scene. This occurs in all of the following sections:
    • Track 1
    • Track 2
    • Choose Clips
    • My Gallery
    • GIF Maker