SHARE button on the DUALSHOCK®4 includes many additional capabilities for publishing your content.

The SHARE button (SHARE2) can adapts based on the situations in which it is selected. In addition to using it to save your videos and screenshots (see SHARE Button Functions & Behaviors), players can utilize SHARE2 to upload content in the Capture Gallery to connected online services, or start a streaming session to broadcast your gameplay to the world.

Online Services and Upload DestinationsEdit


List of available Online Services on PlayStation®4.

Upload and streaming options changes based on the type of content you wish to share. You can connect your login information to any of the avaialble services in:

Settings >

Sharing & Broadcast >

Link with Online Services



Available Online Services for Video uploading.

Videos can upload to the following services, each with their ow​n requirements and limits:


  • Unverified YouTube Accounts are limited to uploading 15 minutes per video.
  • Verified YouTube Accounts can upload up to 11 hours per video, or a maximum size of 128GB.
  • You can also post a link to the uploaded video automatically to Twitter & Facebook.
    • NOTE: Verifing your YouTube account can be done on this page. Be sure to confirm your email address with YouTube to complete the process.


  • Size limit of 1.75GB or 45 minutes in length. As the video compression rate cannot be changed, players may reach this limit with videos between 30-35 minutes in length (720p).


  • Video uploads are limited to 140 seconds when uploaded from a PS4. Longer videos will need to utilize the Capture Gallery Trim in the Upload menu.


  • Uploads are limited to a size of 2GB. For PS4 videos, this size can be around 35-38 minutes in length (720p).
  • You can also post a link to the uploaded video automatically to Twitter & Facebook.



Upload options for Screenshots on PS4

Screenshots also have special destinations and requirements:


  • Can upload 30 Screenshots at once. Add additional Screenshots to uploads by selecting Change Selection in the upload menu.


  • Upload 4 Screenshots at once (1080p only, 4 4K image uploads at once is not supported)
  • Upload GIFs from SHAREfactory

PlayStation® Messages​

  • Send screenshots directly to other PSN Players

PlayStation® Communities​

  • Share and post screenshots directly to PS4 Communities

PSN Activities

  • New to PS4 System Software 4.50, you can now post Screenshots and GIFs directly to Activity Feeds without a connected Online Service.



Available Live Streaming options on PS4.

Broadcasts allow you to stream your live gameplay footage to your friends and followers. Below are the available options for these connected services:


  • ​​​​Stream at 1080/30fps on PS4 Pro or 720p/30fps on PS4.
  • Stream at 1080p/60fps when SHARE recording is disabled.
  • You can also post a link to the streaming channel automatically to Twitter & ​Facebook.


  • Stream at 1080p/30fps on PS4 Pro or 720p/30fps on PS4.
  • Stream at 1080/60fps on PS4 Pro or 720p/60fps on PS4 when disabling SHARE recording​.
  • You can also post a link to the streaming channel automatically to Twitter & ​Facebook.


  • Stream at ​720p/30fps
  • You can also post a link to the streaming channel automatically to Twitter & ​Facebook.

niconico Live

  • niconico is a japanese streaming service only available to Japanese PSN Players.


You can also share various other media to Activity Feeds and Online Services

​PlayStation® Events

  • ​​​​Share upcoming or current Events to all the same destinations as ​Screenshots.

PlayStation® Store Advertisements

  • Share a link of PSN Store promotions to you PSN Friends


  • Attach a screenshot of Trophies you earn in gameplay

Activity Feed posts

  • In addition to Likes and Comments, you can also share the Activities of your Friends or personalities you follow

SHAREfactory™ Exports​Edit


SHAREfactory Export creates a new video, screenshot or GIF in the Capture Gallery from your created project.

When Video, Photo, or GIF Projects are exported in SHAREfactory, they create a new video, image or GIF of you project in the Capture Gallery. Then the player is then presented with the option to launch the ​Share Upload Dialog and post their creation to any connected online service.

You can also take advantage of the Copy to USB Storage Device function of the Capture Gallery​ and upload your creation to any service you choose via Desktop PCs.

To Copy your content to USB from the Capture Gallery:

Settings >

Sharing & Broadcast >

Link with Online Services

Share Dialog​Edit


The Share Dialog screen offers options to edit your post when uploading content.

The Share Dialog menu is the system menu on PS4 where you can compose how your shared content is displayed after uploading. While these options change based on the content and service being uploaded to, the basic functions remain the same.



Upload longer videos to Twitter.

​Trim provides a shortcut to the Capture Gallery's Trim for videos to shorten them to conform to any existing upload size limits. EXAMPLE: Twitter max video duration is 140 seconds.) NOTE: As mentioned in SHARE Button Functions & Behaviors > Capture Gallery Trim & Copying, this Trim function is a destructive edit that will delete any video footage removed.

Play allows you to preview the video, image or GIF before uploading.

​Change Selection​​Edit


Change Selection swaps the video or screenshot being uploaded.

Change Selection is a new feature added in PS4 System Software 4.50 that allows players to switch out or add additional screenshots to their uploads, without losing other edited information in the post, such as Descriptions, Comments, or Tagged Players. NOTE: Videos, Screenshots and GIFs cannot be mixed into a single upload.




Title text of your post.

Title​​​​ changes the header of the video post.​ This is automatically populated with the video filename, but is fully editable. Titles are available for ​YouTube, Facebook, & dailymotion v​ideo uploads only​.




Character limits apply to Description posts.

The ​​​​​​​​​​​​Description, or Comment field contains the body of the post. In case such as Twitter, there may be a character limit in how much ca​n be written in thi​s area. (140 characters, including a link for the video/screenshot/GIF.) NOTE:​​Links cannot be added to this field, and will result in a "Cannot Upload" error.​​

Privacy/Facebook Audience​​​​​​Edit

Privacy/Facebook Audience​​​​ allows you to set who can view your post online and in Activity Feeds. As each service handles privacy options differently, there are different options for each.


YouTube Privacy


Facebook Audience.

​Search Tags​​Edit


Using clever tags is a great way to promote your videos.

Search Tags​​​​ are used by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing to help people find relevant content to terms they use. In this field, you can add multiple terms to your videos to help build your audience.​

The Share Dialog will automatically add several terms based on the where your content was captured. You can also add your own terms to supplement those already pre-populated.

Tag Players (previously Pl​ayed With)​​Edit


Tag Players allows you to "tag" other PSN players to show they are included in your video or screenshot. You can select up to 10 Players to include in your post. If the players also approve select Privacy settings concerning Tagging, these tags will also associate to their connected Facebook and Twitter profiles as well.

Posts that include Tagged Players will also populate into their Activity Feeds​. For full details, observe More on Tagging Players below.

Post Link​​​​Edit


You can automatically post a cross-promotional link to Facebook & Twitter when uploading.

You can use ​Post Link​​​​ when you are sharing a video to YouTube or dailymotion, or are starting a stream for YouTube or Twitch. This will automatically post a link to the video on Facebook or Twitter. This also opens a field allowing you to customize the post that will be published to these platforms. (Character limits apply.)​​


PSN AudienceEdit


New to PS4 System Software 4.50,
Players can now choose who can see their Activity Feed posts for each upload, rather than a global setting in Privacy Settings.

More on "Tag Players"​​Edit


Players tagged in your post.

As stated above, you can use the Tag Players feature in the Share Dialog to "tag" other PSN Players included in your videos, screenshots, or GIFs. However there are several additional behaviors that occur with this function:


Allowing TaggingEdit


You'll find options for controlling Tagging in Privacy Settings.

To allow your self to be tagged by others in Activity Feed posts, enter ​the Tags menu in Privacy Settings. You can limit who is allowed to tag you in posts from Anyone, Friends Only, Friends of Friends, or No One.​

Tags can also automatically mention users' connected Facebook or Twitter accounts when enabled.

The Tags menu can be found in:


PSN/Account Management

Privacy Settings

Sharing You Experience


Tagged ActivitiesEdit


Tagged Players appear just below a post's Description

Tagged Activities​​​​ will display the PSN Players tagged in the post just below the Post's Description. Posts will appear in the Activity Feeds of the poster and all Activity Feeds of tagged users. Users also will receive a Notification any time they are tagged in a post. NOTE: If Facebook or Twitter Mentions are enabled in each user's Privacy Settings, they will also be tagged on the online post of the Activity.


Removing TagsEdit


Enter "Tagged in This Activity" to Remove your tag from a post.

Removing Tags​​​​ allows users to remove themselves from any tagged post.

To access this option:

Select the Tagged Users in the Activity Post's Details.


Remove Tags

Publishing Visibility with FacebookEdit

Facebook audience

Controlling Facebook Audiences.

PSN Facebook ActivityLog

Ensure your permissions Facebook publishing settings mirror those set by your PSN Account.

When sharing any Video or Screenshot to Facebook, Players have the options to select Facebook Audience. It is important to note that when sharing to Friends Only and verifying visibility between 2 accounts, the Users Accounts must be both PSN Friends AND Facebook Friends to properly view the content. This condition does not appear to apply when posts are shared to a Public Audience".

In addition, if the Player has set the PSN Facebook App to a different setting than the selected Facebook Audience (such as "Friends Only" or "Only Me"), the PSN Facebook App will change the Facebook Audience automatically without User notification and can appear as though the Facebook Audience is not posting correctly.

Live from PlayStation vs Activity Feeds​Edit

While Live from PlayStation and

What's New/Activity Feed posts appear to be the same, they have different behaviors and functionalities.

​​​​​​​​ ​​

Likes, Comments & Shares​​​​Edit

Likes, Comments & Shares​​​​ might appear to function the same way in premise, however both Live from PlayStation and Activity Feeds have different behaviors for each of these functions.

Activity Feeds

Likes, Comments & Shares for these posts contains solely those from PSN engagement and do not reflect information from online services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Live from PlayStation​

​Likes, Comments & Shares/Retweets in these feeds are pulled from the online sources they are shared to, such as Twitch chat, YouTube views, etc. You can also subscribe or follow this content creator on the service from these posts directly.


Privacy​​​​ also behaves differently between these 2 services.

Activity Feeds

When Privacy Settings are defined in the Player's Account Management, Activity Feeds will fully adhere to the user's set preferences in Account Management​.

Live from PlayStation​

​ ​As Live from PlayStation pulls most of it's data from the online services itself and their publishing preferences set in the Share Dialog​, Live from PlayStation does not reference these settings, and will make these settings publicly visible based on the settings chosen at the time of sharing.


Cross-Publishing Behaviors​Edit


Under these conditions, videos can be viewed by more people.

When sharing video from SHAREfactory, exports will take advantage of a special Cross-Publishing System for Activities and Live from PlayStation. This system allows SHAREfactory to post to multiple content feeds in Live from PlayStation and Activity Feeds, rather than only shared as content from SHAREfactory.

When a video project contains videos from only one game and SHAREfactory​, then when that video is shared online, it will post to the Live from PlayStation video feeds for that game and SHAREfactory. This can greatly increase the exposure of a video, as well as maintain SHAREfactory does not claim other publisher's content.

When more than one game is used in a SHAREfactory Project, then this video is shared as only a SHAREfactory video. This prevents mixing other games into publisher's feeds. (Ex. Call of Duty videos in Battlefield)

NOTE: GIFs also support this Cross-Publishing functionality.

NOTE: Screenshots are not supported to use Cross-Publishing entitlements in Live from PlayStation.

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