• ​​Initial Release (30-APR-2014)
  • ​Included Themes
    • PS4
    • SHAREfac​tory
    • The Playroom
    • inFAMOUS Second Son Themes


Music Waveform in Trim Music

Music Waveform in Trim Music

  • Released (06-JUN-2014)
  • ​Included Themes
    • Soccer
    • Shooter
    • Battlefield: Hardline (unlocked with E32014 Announcement)

  • Music
    • ​2 New Music Tracks
      • Beyond and Back
      • TmpstDgweedUNMSTRD1
    • ​Waveform in Music Trim
    • ​Fade In/Fade Out options

  • 4 New Wipe Transitions
    • Wipe Right, Left, Up, Down

  • 6 New Layouts
    • Aspect Ratios, Squares and Vignette



Add Screenshots

  • Released (​28-JUL-2014)
  • ​Included Themes
    • The Last of Us
    • Naughty Dog 30th (unlock 23-SEP-14)

  • Add Screenshots
    • Add Screenshots from the Capture Gallery into the main video timeline. Expandable from 1-second to 15-minutes with Trim Clip

  • 2 New Filters
    • Luminance
    • Colored Edges

  • 2 New Wipe Transitions
    • Rectangle Explode
    • Implode

  • 20 New Global Stickers

UI & UX Improvements

  • "Render Movie" renamed to "Export to Gallery"​



Stinger Theme Clip

  • Released (10-OCT-2014)
  • ​Included Themes
    • Horror
    • The Evil Within (unlocked 14-OCT-2014)

  • Theme Art (Choose Screenshots)
  • ​New Filter (Saturate)
  • ​Filter Settings (Saturate, Sepia, Posterize)
  • ​Transition Volume
  • ​Generate Thumbnail in OPTIONS Menu
  • Stinger Theme Clip auto-populated into New Projects
  • HD Mic support (record in stereo)

UI & UX Improvements

  • 200% Volume settings
  • Auto-Trim long clip when added into projects (10 secs)
  • "By Selected" sorting in Add menus
  • Projects with placeholder clips can now be exported
  • When using headphones, Edit Commentary will output project audio from Music and Video Tracks during recordings
  • Improved Audio playback (ongoing)
  • Support for Other, Deleted Applications, and TV & Game Capture Gallery categories in "By Game" sorting menus



SHAREfactory Themes on the PlayStation®Store

  • Released (10-FEB-2015)
  • +2.00 PS4 System Software Support
  • Premium/DLC Theme support
    • Destiny™
    • LittleBIGPlanet™3
    • Killzone™ Shadow Fall
    • Plants vs Zombies™ Garden Warfare
    • Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
    • SHAREfactory™ 80's

    • Support for multiple Intro, Title, and Outro Clips in Themes
    • Theme Music (Destiny™, LittleBIGPlanet™3, PvZ, 80s)
    • PlayStation®Store links to New Themes

  • My Gallery page to review and share previously exported videos​
  • Active PSN Avatar & Profile Picture can now be used as Stickers
  • View Help in OPTIONS menu added for in-app User Manual
  • Extended Update History
  • Updated Share Dialog for 2.00 (YouTube)


Timeline limit40

(1.05) 30-minute Exports/40-minute projects.

  • Released (10-JUN-2015)
  • +2.50 PS4 System Software Support
  • Increase Project limit to 40-minutes, Export limit to 30-minutes

  • 2 New Music Tra​cks from PSX 2014
    • Accelerate Instrumental
    • ​Lucid Dream Remix

  • New Wind Filter (w/Filter Settings)
  • 3 New Stickers (​Shuhei Yoshida)

UI & UX Improvements

  • Snip Clip prevented from interacting with Transitions
  • Screenshots now distinguished with a gray border
  • Placeholder Clip now distinguished with transparency and pink border
  • Updated Share Dialog for 2.00 (dailymotion)
  • Share / Share Later Export prompt
  • Larger Export Preview​​ window
  • Contextual menus highlight the last selected option
  • Updated pop-up prompts to auto-highlight “Cancel” by default
  • Commentary Audio and Video Improvements
  • "Healing" functionality for 1.04 Corrupted Projects


  • Released (14-JUL-2015)
  • v2.55+ PS4 firmware support
    • Fix for DLC ​Patching Loop



Time Bender Options for fast-forward and time-lapse effects


Time Bender appearance in the Main Timeline.

  • Released (09-DEC-2015)​
  • +3.00 PS4 System Software Support
  • ​​Time Bender​ (Fast Forward/Slow Motion Playback control)
    • 1/8 - 8x Playback Speed
    • Step vs Smooth Motion Interpolation

  • Increased the ​Video Clip​ limit to ​50
  • Increased the ​Music Clip limit to ​12

  • ​Events Mode & Features

  • Revamped Edit FX UI
    • ​Edit Overlays (Stickers & Text FX)
      • Replaces SQUARE Next FX with UP/DOWN Navigation​
      • Layer Order​ for Sticker/Text Overlays
      • Drop Shadows applied to all Overlays
    • Edit Layouts menu
    • Edit Filters​ menu

    • Color Picker
      • Color slider options for Text Color, Colorize Filter, Opacity, various Transitions, etc.

  • Transition Settings
    • ​Extended options for select Transitions

  • 8 New Dissolve Transitions​
    • Blur Fade
    • HSB Fade (w/Transition Settings)
    • Desaturate Fade
    • Burn Fade (w/Transition Settings)
    • Block Fade (w/Transition Settings)
    • Fade To/From/Through Color (adds Transition Settings) (replaces Black)

  • 5 New Wipe Transitions
    • Directional (w/Transition Settings)
    • Ellipse Implode/Explode (w/Transition Settings)
    • Rectangle Implode/Explode Reduxes (adds Transition Settings)

  • 2 New Music Tra​cks
    • ​Scape
    • Pressure Plate

  • 3 New Filters
    • Colorize (w/ Filter Settings)
    • Blur (w/ Filter Settings)
    • VHS (w/ Filter Settings)

  • 9 New Stickers
    • 3 Sf Logos
    • 6 VHS controls

UI & UX Improvements

  • Loading bar now displays progress
  • Replaced CONFIRM/CANCEL menu options with X/CIRCLE buttons prompts
  • Improved UI shading (Opacity, Text Color, etc.)
  • Timeline Playhead fades-out when editing in more situations
  • Text Overlay​ art pass (anti-aliasing & drop shadows)
  • Transitions​ apply audio crossfade to adhered Video Clips
  • Delete Clip​ now removes Transitions​ on both sides​ of the clip
  • Removed Move Clip​​ (to be redesigned at a later date)


​ ​

Commentary is renamed to Track 2, with new green screen and second video timeline functions.

  • Released (01-JUN-2016)​
  • +3.50 PS4 System Software Support
  • Revamped Front-end
    • My Last Project
    • Social (Live from PlayStation, Events)

  • ​​Track 2 (Previously Commentary)
    • ​​​Add Track 2
      • Records Commentary Videos to Capture Gallery
      • Records Commentary Audio to a limited internal budbet (6-7hrs)​
      • ​Can add any Capture Gallery Video Clips into ​​Track 2 timeline
    • ​​Edit Track 2
      • Edits & modifies existing Track 2 clips​
      • Can add Filters to Track 2 clips​
      • ​New Swivel PIP Layout​
      • PIP Settings
        • Drop Shadow, Border, & Border Color
      • PIP Backdrop
        • ​​​Apply any Capture Gallery Screenshot as a backdrop to PIP Layouts Offset & Side-by-Side

    • ​​TRIANGLE Chroma Key Modes
      • ​Camera Mode (Add Track 2)
        • Saves preset settings for future recordings
      • Adjust Mode (Edit Track 2)​​
        • Modifies existing Track 2 clips
      • X ​Recording Modes
        • Normal, Cutout, Green Screen, & White Screen
      • SQUARE Edit​
        • ​Pan & Zoom, Settings, Feathering, Radius (Cutout), & Tolerance (Green Screen, White Screen)​
        • Backdrop
          • Adds Screenshot as a Chroma Key Backdrop
          • ​Add, Delete, Settings
        • ​Camera Tuning​ (Camera Mode only)
          • Adjusts camera captures, records effects into Capture Gallery clips
          • ​Contrast, Sharpness, Hue, Saturation
      • ​​CIRCLE Exit (lock current Chroma Key color)

  • 60-minute Video Export sup​port, 80-min Projects

  • Revamped Add FX UI​
    • Add Overlays
      • ​​Overlay improvements
        • Text Rotation
        • 3 Categories (Stickers, Theme Stickers, Text)
    • Add Filters
      • ​​15 New Filters
      • 5 Catagories (All, Photo, Game, Retro, Psychedelic)
    • Add Layouts
      • Layout Settings (Vignettes)
      • 3 New Vignettes
      • ​3 Catagorie​s (All, Default, Vignettes)​​​​

  • ​(Screenshot) Settings (alternates with ​Clip Volume in the main Edit Menu when over adjustable Screenshots)
  • ​SHAREfactory™ Art (​​​​Add Screenshots)
    • Solid Color (w/Settings)
    • Gradient (w/Settings)
    • ​Clouds (Animated, w/Settings)
    • Headroom (Animated)
    • Stars (Animated, w/Settings)
    • Fire (Animated, w/Settings)

  • 2 New Music ​Tracks​​
    • Gone Tomorrow (Xe-NONE Remix)
    • Club Valkyrie

UI & UX Improvements

  • Move Clip replacement​​
    • Theme Transitions​​ now only auto-populate between Theme Clips​​
  • ​​​​​​​​​Export to Gallery now continues​ to render while the app runs in the background​​
  • Frame Step​​ support for ​Move Music​​ &​ Move Track 2 Clip​​
  • Auto-Trim for long segments now available in ​​Add Music​​ & ​Add Clip in Track 2​​
  • System Save Data​​ (Saves ​Add Track 2 Green Screen & Camera Tuning presets​​)
  • TRIANGLE ​Trim​ Lock​​ (Locks the size of clip in ​Trim Screens)​​
  • Split Clip​​ does not reset SHAREfactory Art animations
  • Fade-to-Color Transitions​​ now preview settings​ correctly
  • Volume​​​​​​​
    • V​olume default settings are now 100% (up from 80%)
    • Split functions no longe​r reset Volume settings
    • New "​​Apply To All​​" Volume option, unique to each volume function (Videos, Music, Transitions, Commentary​)
  • ​Sub-menus
    • SQUARE Select/Toggle, X Confirm​​​​
  • New Global Iconography​
    • "No​ Device" Icon in ​Track 2 Camera Panel
    • ​Track 2, Volume, Export, etc.​
  • Graphical fix for PS4 CIRCLE, Playroom running bots Transitions
  • Fix Time Bender Export Freeze
  • Fix Snip Clip crash
  • Fix Selecting Time Bender speed crash
  • Fix Export Volume
  • Fix Commentary Audio dropout over Time Bender​/seeking


  • Released (09-JUN-2016)
  • Fix for placeholder text displaying when using Arabic System Language Settings (unsupported)



New Photo Editor for creating collages of screenshots

200 GIF

Create GIFs from your videos or saved SHAREfactory Projects.

  • Released (09-NOV-2016)
  • +4.00 PS4 System Software Support
  • PlayStation®4 ​Pro Support
    • Edit & Share PS4 ​​​​​​Pro Videos & Screens​​hots
      • 1080p, 720p & VR Video Support
      • 4K, 1080p & VR Screenshot Support
      • PlayStation®Camera video locked to 720p

  • ​Ph​oto Editor
    • ​Create and Share Photo collages with up to 6 frames​ & 1 Background Image, Gradient or Color
    • Add Stickers, Text, Filters, & Vignettes​
    • Pan & Zoom frames
    • Border Spacing & Roundness
    • Export Settings (PNG or JPG)
    • Export Photos Projects at 1080p on PS4, 4K on PS4 Pro
    • Photo Gallery (review previously Exported Photo Projects)

  • GIF Maker
    • Create Animated GIFs from your Video Clips & Saved SHAREfactory Projects
    • Up to 10 seconds in length, or 5MB in size
    • 2-frame minimum size
    • Share directly to Twitter
    • GIF Gallery (review previously created GIFs)

  • Overlay UI Improvements
    • X to Add Overlays, SQUARE to Edit Overlays
    • Transform Overlays now uses ​​R-STICK to Move (previously L-STICK)
    • L-STICK highlights Layer panel, enters Layer Order mode
    • 7 New Troll Face Stickers
    • New Impact Font with Black Border (Text Ooverlays)​

  • Track 1 Pan & Zoom
  • Split Track 2 Commentary Clips
  • Optimized Export speed, now up to 20% faster
  • 1080p DLC Theme support​
  • Export Video at 720p on PS4, 1080p on PS4 Pro
  • New Emboss Filter

UI & UX Improvements

  • Global UI Refresh (Background image, Control consistency, etc.)
  • Placeholder Clips are no longer added to Exported Videos
  • New Share Dialog for Photo Editor (Facebook, Twitter, PS Messages, Communities)
  • New Share Dialog for GIF Maker (Twitter)
  • Updated Blocked Clip behavior
    • Blocked Clips now displays the appropriate "blocked scene" notification when played in L2 fullscreen in-app
    • Blocked Clips now disables L2 Fullscreen screenshots in Projects
    • Projects Exported with Blocked Clips render the full project, but prevents sharing to unapproved online services appropriately
    • Exports include Blocked Videos in created videos, however SHARE will omit these videos from saves individually
      • Above blocks occurs for clip length when added to Track 2
      • Above blocks affect GIF shares​​
  • Bug fix: Fine Music Trim adjustments​
  • Bug fix: "No Device" graphic no longer displays in Edit Track 2 when paused
  • Bug fix: Overlays can now be edited on the first frame of a clip



Now Import your own videos and images from USB into SHAREfactory

  • Released (09-MAR-2017)
  • +4.50 PS4 System Software Support
  • Import Content
    • USB Import for Music, Video & Stickers
  • Updated Import and UGC budgets
    • 500MB Music (Imported Music)
    • 2GB Video (Imported Video)
    • 32MB Images (Imported Stickers)
    • 128MB Projects (400 Project limit)
    • +1GB Recorded Audio Commentary

  • Edit in SHAREfactory (lite mode from Capture Gallery)

  • ​Included Themes
    • Infomercial Theme
    • Updated PS4 & SHAREfactory Themes to 1080p

  • Overlay Updates
    • Scalable Text Overlays
    • 36 Text Effects​
      • Glow, Stroke, Drop Shadow, Bevel, etc.
    • New Times Font
    • XX New Stickers

  • Photo Editor
    • Support for up to 16 Frames
    • 22 New Photo Editor Collage layouts
      • Motivational Poster Layouts
    • 5 New Photo Sample Projects
  • Clone Clip
  • OPTIONS View Help (Contextual to every screen)
  • New "Save/Export/Render Terminology for Main App/Edit in SHAREfactory modes
  • New Activity Feed Posts for New Video/Photo Projects ​​
  • Updated Photo & GIF Share Dialogs for 4.50 (Activities)


  • Released (22-MAR-2017)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Loss of Track 2 audio after recording a second clip
    • "I-frame" error message for Video Import changed to "Keyframe"
    • SHAREfactory Art animations do not correctly update for Trimming
    • Infrequent "Playing Credits" crash


  • Released (12-DEC-2017)
  • ​Included Themes
    • Uncharted 10 Year Anniversary
    • Comic Book
  • Improved video USB import feature to support more videos
  • Over 20 new transitions and two new filters
  • Sticker & Text animations and Duration control
  • Attract Mode
  • Drop-in Camera Effects
    • Quake
    • Bounce
    • Heartbeat
    • Drift
    • Stomp
    • Focus
    • Pulse
  • Audio ducking to automatically lower Track 1 volume when Commentary is present on Track 2
  • Add comments to your Project files
  • Improved video USB import feature to support more videos, regardless of Key Frame setting
  • Improved load times
  • New Project view options including Zoom for easier editing
  • UX improvements


  • Released (18-DEC-2017)
  • Minor Bug Fixes

DLC SHAREfactory ThemesEdit


SHAREfactory Themes on the PlayStation®Store

  • Released in Patch 1.04 (Independent releases)
    • SHAREfactory Themes are addons produced by independent game teams and developers that include content from their own IPs and game titles. SHAREfactory Themes can include Theme Video Clips, Screenshots, Music, Fonts, Stickers, and Cinematic Transitions that editors can use to to suppliment their video and photo projects. While most SHAREfactory Themes can be downloaded from the PlayStation®Store as addons since Patch 1.04, some Themes are included with individual patches to SHAREfactory.

Title Released Publisher
PlayStation®4 (Included with 1.00) ​ 30-APR-2014 SIE WWS
SHAREfactory™ (Included with 1.00) ​ 30-APR-2014 SIE WWS
The Playroom™ (Included with 1.00) ​ 30-APR-2014 SIE WWS
inFAMOUS: Second Son™ (Included with 1.00) ​ 30-APR-2014 Sucker Punch
Soccer/Futbol (Patch 1.01) 06-JUN-2014 SIE WWS
Shooter ​(Patch 1.01) 06-JUN-2014 SIE WWS
Battlefield™: Hardline​ (unlocked at EA E32014) 09-JUN-2014 EA DICE
The Last of Us™ ​(Patch 1.02) 28-JUL-2014 Naughty Dog
Naughty Dog™ 30th Anniversary ​(unlocked in Patch 1.02) 23-SEP-2014 Naughty Dog
Horror ​(Patch 1.03) 10-OCT-2014 SIE WWS
The Evil Within™ ​(unlocked Patch 1.03) 14-OCT-2014 Bethesda​
Destiny™ 10-FEB-2015 Bungie/Activision
KILLZONE™ Shadow Fall 10-FEB-2015 Guerrilla Games
LittleBIGPlanet™ 3 10-FEB-2015 Media Molecule
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 10-FEB-2015 Popcap/EA
Pro Evolution Soccer™ 2015 ​(delisted) 10-FEB-2015 Konami
SHAREfactory™ 80's 10-FEB-2015 SIE WWS
DRIVECLUB™ 21-APR-2015 Evolution Studios
Bloodborne™ 02-JUN-2015 FromSoftware
SHAREfactory™ Countdown: Racing 23-JUN-2015 SIE WWS
MLB®15 The Show™: American League 07-JUL-2015 San Diego Studios
MLB®15 The Show™: National League 07-JUL-2015 San Diego Studios
SHAREfactory™: 70's 28-JUL-2015 SIE WWS
Rocket League 04-AUG-2015 Psyonics
Call of Duty®: Black Ops III​​ MP Beta 18-AUG-2015 Treyarch/Activision
PlayStation® 20th Anniversary 09-SEP-2015 SIE WWS
Star Wars™: Battlefront™​​ 06-OCT-2015 LucasArts/EA
Tearaway™ Unfolded​​ 16-NOV-2015 Media Molecule
Pro Evolution Soccer™ 2016​​ (delisted) 01-DEC-2015 Konami
SHAREfactory™: Top 10 01-DEC-2015 SIE WWS
UNCHARTED™ 4 Multiplayer​​ 04-DEC-2015 Naughty Dog
Batman™: Arkham Knight 22-DEC​​-2015 Rocksteady/WB
Call of Duty®: Black Ops III​​ 07-JAN​-2016 Treyarch/Activision
Hardware: Rivals™ 19​-JAN-2016 SIE CCG
Street Fighter® V​​​ 16-FEB-2016 Capcom
Life is Strange™ 11-MAR-2016 DON'T NOD/SQUARE-ENIX
SHAREfactory™: 50's 06-APR​-2016 SIE WWS
SHAREfactory™ Shooter: Top 10 28-JUN-2016 SIE WWS
SHAREfactory™: Retro​​ 30-AUG-2016 SIE WWS
For Honor™ Alpha​​​​ ​(delisted) 13-SEP-2016​ Ubisoft Montreal
Paragon​ 21-OCT-2016 Epic Games
Watch_Dogs® 2 15-NOV-2016 Ubisoft Montreal
Titanfall 2​​​​​ 16-NOV-2016 Respawn Entertainment
Battlefield 1 18-NOV​​-2016 EA DICE
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon®: Wildlands​​​​ ​​03-FEB-2017 Ubisoft Paris
PlayStation®4 (1080p redux) (Patch 2.50) 09-MAR-2017 SIE WWS
SHAREfactory™ (1080p redux)​ (Patch 2.50) ​​ 09-MAR-2017 SIE WWS
Infomercial​ (Patch 2.50) 09-MAR-2017 SIE WWS
RESIDENT EVIL®7 biohazard 04-APR​-2017 Capcom
BIOHAZARD®7 resident evil (SIE-Japan) 04-APR​-2017 Capcom
Horizon: Zero Dawn​​​ 11-APR-2017 Guerrilla Games
Nioh​​​​ 02-MAY-2017 KOEI TEMCO/Team Ninja ​
World of Tanks 23​-MAY-2017
Dreadnought™ 01-AUG-2017 Yager Development/Grey Box
Yakuza​™ 29-AUG-2017 SEGA
Destiny™ 2 07-SEP-2017 Bungie/Activision
STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II 29-NOV-2017 Electronic Arts
UNCHARTED™ Anniversary (Included with 3.00) 12-DEC-2017 Naughty Dog
Comic Book (Included with 3.00) 12-DEC-2017 SIE WWS
Call of Duty®: WWII 21-DEC-2017 Activision

SHAREfactory EventsEdit

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SHAREfactory Event Mode

  • Released in Patch 1.07 (09-DEC-2015)
    • Event Mode allows developers to create SHAREfactory Events within the PS4 Events system, thereby auto-hashtagging a published video for online editing competitions.
    • Recent SHAREfactory Events:​​
      • SHAREfactoryBO3 Event - Call of Duty: Black Ops III - 08-APR-2016

Edit in SHAREfactoryEdit

  • Released in Patch 2.50 (+4.50 Firmware)​ (09-DEC-2016)
    • Edit in SHAREfactory is a system to allow users to launch a lite version of SHAREfactory directly from the Capture Gallery, edit a Video or Photo Project that is pre-populated with a default Theme, then Export their video and return to the Capture Gallery menu.
    • To activate,
      highlight any video clip or screenshot in the Capture Gallery > Select > Edit in SHAREfactory.
    • You can edit up to 16 Clips or Screenshots at once when lauching from the Capture Gallery. GIFs cannot launch Edit in SHAREfactory mode.
      • NOTE: You can start with 16 video clips, then add the full 50 once Edit in SHAREfactory mode launches.