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Below you'll find a listing of past updates in the PS4 System Software that have relevant changes in system behavior, and have some affect on the functionality of SHAREfactory, sharing, the SHARE button or content publishing.

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of all features found in PS4 System Software, only those that have a noted influence on the behaviors stated above.

+2.00 PS4 System Software Updates & ChangesEdit


2.00 System Software adds YouTube to Connected Services

YouTube Support
PS4 System Software 2.00 features newly added support to connect and upload to YouTube accounts directly.

Privacy Options take the place of Facebook Audience on the Upload dialog screen. These options should reflect the same behaviors as their Facebook counterparts.

Search Tags can be additionally applied to the post of YouTube video​s. Some are automatically applied by the system, while addition tags can be added by the user directly. While the first 4 tags apply by default to all uploaded clips, based on the content uploaded and where it was created.

Post Link & Comment provide options to add cross-promotional links on Facebook and Twitter, as well as contextual posts adhering to Twitter's 140 character limit.

Upload Size Limits for unverified YouTube accounts is 15 minutes. However, verified YouTube accounts can upload clips up to a size of 128GB or 11 hours.


Launching Share Play with SHARE

Share Play
Like Remote Play, Share Play is an "always-on" feature for all PlayStation®4 games and apps. It allows players in a connected party to play the same app.

Editing SHAREfactory with multiple users With SHAREfactory™, even though it functions as a single-player app, the Host User can relinquish control of their console to another User over an internet connection. This allows players, in effect, to create projects with multiple editors. One example could include a editor that excels at timing edits, while another is good at adding effects.

NOTE: In Share Play sessions, only the host's videos and connected devices can be used.


Access Trim in the Capure Gallery's OPTIONS menu.


Capture Gallery Trim is modifies the video source, so changes here are permanent.

Updated Capture Gallery Trim
PS4 System Software 2.00 allows players to now Trim Video Clips directly from Capture Gallery, without needing to enter the "Upload to Facebook" dialog.

To enter the new System Trim Menu, Highlight any clip > select > Trim.

After the User has selected their desired Start and End Points in System Trim, they are now provided with options to Save as New Video Clip or Overwrite the current clip.

NOTE: When Overwriting a Video Clip currently saved into a SHAREfactory Project, that clip will be removed from the Saved Project.

+2.50 PS4 System Software Updates & ChangesEdit


2.50 PS4 System Software adds dailymotion support.

dailymotion Support PS4 System Software 2.50 adds support to connect and upload to dailymotion accounts.

Privacy Options take the place of Facebook Audience options. These options should reflect the same behaviors as their Facebook counterparts.

Search Tags can be additionally applied to the post of YouTube video​s. Some are automatically applied by the system, while addition tags can be added by the user directly. While the first 4 tags apply by default to all uploaded clips, based on the content uploaded and where it was created.

Post Link & Comment provide options to add cross-promotional links on Facebook and Twitter, as well as contextual posts adhering to Twitter's 140 character limit.

Upload Size Limit for dailymotion accounts is 2GB. Generally, PS4 videos of this size will be 35-38 minutes in length.


Returning from Rest Mode.

Rest Mode & S​uspend/Resume
Rest Mode and S​uspend/Resume functions allow Users to place the console into a low-powered state.

When Rest Mode is active, system updates and select background functions, such as downloads, can still take place.

Suspend and Resume occur when Users enter Rest Mode while an app is still active. This allows them to continue their editing progress without the necessity to fully restart the app.


Zoom option in Accessibility

Zoom (Accessibility)
When active, Zoom allows the User to utilize a "magnifying glass" effect on-screen. This effect is recorded into video clips.

To enable, go to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom

Once enabled, select SQUARE + [PS BUTTON]​ to activate in any game.


Backup PS4 data to an external HDD, then Restore on another.

Backup & Restore
Backup & Restore allows users to create backup images of their PS4's contents to an external USB HDD. This can be very useful in transferring Video Clips and other data that cannot but re-downloaded to new console.

As SHAREfactory Projects are saved internally to the app only, Backup & Restore is the only means of restoring a deleted Project file, Commentary, etc.

Video Clips cannot be transferred onto a console individually. This is the only means of restoring a deleted clip or transferring Capture Gallery videos and screenshots to another console.

NOTE: Restore is a destructive function, NOT additive. Any existing data present on a console at the time of performing Restore will be deleted and replaced with the Backup image.


You can now remap any button in the PS4 Accessibility menu.

Button Assignments & Remapping
Players can now remap any button to function as another. Once changed, this becomes a global function for all apps and menus on the console.

Settings > Accessibility > Button Assignments


Media Player app allows players to play their own music in the background of their favorite games.

PS4 Media Player app
The Media Player is a new system app that can be acquired from the PlayStation®Store. Like the previous USB Music Player, it can also play music files from a USB Drive, but also supports Video playback and DLNA connectivity.

Unlike the USB Music Player however, the Media Player app can search and browse any folder directory of a USB Drive or connected PC on DLNA.

This app can also run in the background while other apps take primary focus on the console.

+2.55 PS4 System Software Updates & ChangesEdit


Disabled Online Services


Disabled "Copy to USB"

Sharing Restrictions
2.55 introduces a new sharing restriction options that allow developers to determine what Online Services they wish their content to be shared to.

When this restriction occurs, users cannot upload exports containing specific videos to select online services, which will display as "Unavailable". In some cases, "Copy to USB" functionality is also disabled.

As this behavior is enforced by the system software and occurs outside of apps like SHAREfactory, updates and patches to will have no effect on this behavior.

NOTE: An update to this functionality can be found below in +3.50 PS4 System Software Updates & Changes > Updated "Blocked Clip" System Functionality

+3.00 PS4 System Software Updates & ChangesEdit


PS4 System Software 3.00 adds video upload options for Twitter .

Twitter Support (video)
PS4 System Software 3.00 now adds support to upload videos to Twitter.

Privacy Options for Twitter are solely managed by the online service's settings. If your account itself is set to public or private, uploads will reflect that setting.

Upload Size Limit for Twitter accounts is 10 seconds.

YouTube Support (streaming)
When using YouTube as your streaming service, Users can save their stream directly to their YouTube account at 60FPS and save the video to their online account.

NOTE: This does not save to the PS4 HDD as a SHARE Video Clip.


Developers can now hold events for their titles.

Developers now have the ability to set up Events for their titles that allow Users to participate in online competitions and challenges.

In Patch 1.07, SHAREfactory supports Event Mode, allowing developers to hold video submission contests and "auto-hashtag" to be included in these events.


Users can now create Communities for discussion and engagement.

Players can now create Communities around various topics and game titles. These are similar to forums, but contain a single thread/stream.

Players can also create Group Party Chats and Messages defined by Community Memebers.


You can now save Screenshots in the PNG file format.

Save Screenshots as JPG or PNG
Players can now set their Screenshots to be saved into the Capture Gallery as JPG or PNG files.

+3.50 PS4 System Software Updates & ChangesEdit


PlayStation®VR video captured from the player's perspective.


Screenshots captured from PlayStation®VR

​PlayStation®VR SHARE Video Clip & Screenshot Support
PS4 System Software 3.50 and SHAREfactory™ now supports SHARE Video Clips captured from PlayStation®VR. As these clips and screesnhots are captured in a different manner, please take note of the following:

​PlayStation®VR Video Clips are captured roughly at 540p, then up-ressed to the standard SHARE clip resolution of 1280x720, 30fps. Due to the nature of VR, these clips will appear in a "fish-eye lense" effect.

PlayStation®VR Screenshots are captured in a 4:3 aspect ratio at 960x720

NOTE: SHARE Video Clips and Screenshots are also identified in the Capture Gallery by their own unique icon:


PlayStation®VR Videos and Screenshots in the Capture Gallery.

Share Broadcast

Sharing & Broadcast Settings combines all sharing options in one place.

​Sharing & Broadcast Settings​
Share Settings has now become ​Sharing & Broadcasts, condensing these noted functions into a single, concise menu.

Sharing & Broadcasts can be accessed from 2 locations:

Settings > Sharing & Broadcasts

SHARE > OPTIONS > Sharing & Broadcast Settings


Double-tap a second time now saves your video. (Previously reset recordings.)

​New 'Double-tap" SHARE functionality​
Small update to Double-tap SHARE functionality now features the following:

Double-tap SHARE once to reset all previous recording data, beginning a new recording from the selected point in a gaming session.
Double-tap SHARE a second time to automatically save the selected area into video clip, without opening the Share Menu.


New Streaming options for 3.50. dailymotion (global), niconico(Japan Only)

​dailymotion & niconico(JP) Streaming Support​​
Players can now connect and stream to ​dailymotion worldwide, while ​niconico streaming is only available to Japanese PSN accounts.


Enable Share Party Audio in Audio Sharing Settings.


To allow your voice to be recorded, enable the option in Party Chat Settings.

​​Share Party Audio (Record Party Chat)​
A highly requested feature, players can now ​record Party Chat audio into SHARE Video Clips, just as with Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips.

To access this option, enter ​​Settings > Sharing & Broadcast > Audio Sharing Settings > Share Party Audio.

​​NOTE: Party members must first allow their voice to be recorded by enabling in ​​Party > Party Settings > Allow Your Voice to be Shared.


Played With let you tag who else is in your video.


Tagged Players will show up in Post Details.


You'll find options for controlling Tagging in Privacy Settings.


You can remove yourself from a Tagged post at anytime with OPTIONS

Pl​ayed With Tags​​​​ (Activity Feed) (Share Dialog)
Played With in the Share Dialog ​allows you to "tag" other players to show they are included in your video or screenshot. You can select up to 10 Players to include in your post. If tagged players also approve in select Privacy settings, these tags will associate to their connected Facebook and Twitter profiles as well.

Tagged Activities​​​​ will display players tagged in the post just below the Post's Description. Posts will appear in the Activity Feeds of the poster and all Activity Feeds of tagged users. Players tagged also will receive a Notification any time they are tagged in a post.

​​​​​​​​​Allowing Tagging​​​​​
To allow yourself to be tagged by others in Activity Feed posts, enter ​Settings >PSN/Account Management > Privacy Settings > Sharing You Experience > Tags. You can limit who is allowed to tag you in posts from Anyone, Friends Only, Friends of Friends, or No One.​

Tags can also automatically mention users' connected Facebook or Twitter accounts when enabled.

NOTE: If Facebook or Twitter Mentions are enabled in each user's Privacy Settings, they will also be tagged on the online post of the Activity.

​​​​​​​​​To Remove Tags from a post, select the Tagged Users in the Activity Post's Details. Then select ​​​​​​​​​OPTIONS > Remove Tags.


Under these conditions, videos can be viewed by more people.

Cross-Publishing Behaviors in Activity Feed/Live from PlayStation

When sharing video from SHAREfactory, exports will take advantage of a special publishing system. This system allows SHAREfactory videos to post to multiple content feeds in Live from PlayStation and Activity Feeds, rather than only shared as videos from SHAREfactory.

​​When a SHAREfactory video project contains videos from only one game and SHAREfactory​, then when that video is shared online, it will post to the Activity Feeds for that game and SHAREfactory. This can greatly increase the exposure of a video, as well as maintain SHAREfactory does not claim other publisher's content.

When more than one game is used in a SHAREfactory Project, then this video is shared as only a SHAREfactory video. This prevents mixing other games into publisher's feeds. (Ex. Call of Duty videos into Battlefield).

Screenshots and GIFs do not supported behavior. (4.50 update)


Disabled Online Services.


Disabled "Copy to USB"

​​Updated Sharing Restriction functionality
Previously in PS4 System Software 2.55, Exported videos containing select footage could no longer Copy to USB & were only permitted to upload to YouTube.

3.50 modifies this functionality to now only affect SHAREfactory Exports containing footage from the Rockstar Editor, allowing normal SHARE video clips captured in GTAV to be used freely in SHAREfactory. The previous 2.55 blocks will now only occur if Exports from the Rockstar Editor are used in SHAREfactory Projects.


SHAREfactory now appears in Game Association menus. (Communities, Events, etc.)

​SHAREfactory added to Game Associations
SHAREfactory™ is now listed in Game Association fields, allowing users to assign SHAREfactory™ to Communities and Player-created Events.


User-created Events

Custom Events
Players are now able to create th​eir own custom Events. These events are limited to 8 players and can automatically launch a Party Chat.

NOTE: These does not create SHAREfactory™ Events or utilize Event Mode in SHAREfactory™


You can now hide your online status.

​Appear Offilne​
Users can now control their online visibility with ​Appear Offline by modifying their Online Status.


Verified Developers of game titles can now appear in the LiveTile area.

LiveTile updates

​​Disabled Video Auto-play in LiveTiles​
Shared videos in LiveTiles will now only auto-play while the video itself is highlighted in the LiveTile.

​​"Who to Follow" suggestions
Associated Developers with verified accounts will now display in the new ​"Who to Follow" field on a game or app LiveTile

+4.00 PS4 System Software Updates & ChangesEdit


PS4 offers new options to save videos at 1080p and screenshots at 4K.

PlayStation®4 Pro SHARE Video Clips & Screenshots
The new PlayStation®4 Pro includes new hardware that allows for higher resolutions of videos and screenshots to be captured and used in SHAREfactory.

Video Clips

PS4 Pro: 1080p, 30fps
PS4: 720p, 30fps


PS4 Pro: 4K
PS4: 1080p

NOTE: PS4 Pro includes extra menu options to modify what the Dimensions​​ of Video Clips & Screenshots:

Sharing & Broadcast Settings > Video Clip Settings > Dimensions

Sharing & Broadcast Settings > Screenshot Settings > Dimensions


Updated Share menu overlay.

SHARE updates

​​Updated Share Menu Overlay​
The Share Menu overlays the game being played instead of minimizing, as well as display more defined options previously hidden in the OPTIONS menu.


New Length of Video Clip options from 30-seconds to 60-minutes.

Up to 60-minute SHARE Videos
Videos captured on PS4 can save up to 60-minutes at a time. Options for 30-minute videos have also been added to ​Sharing & Broadcast Settings > Video Clip Settings > Length of Video Clip


Upload longer videos to Twitter.

Increased Twitter Upload Limit (14​0-seconds)
Uploads to Twitter from PS4 support videos up to 140 seconds (Previously 10 seconds).


Streaming can now support 60FPS when SHARE recording is disabled.

Increased Streaming Functionality
The streaming capabilities of PS4 and PS4 Pro have also been increased. 60FPS livestreaming of game footage is now available on YouTube. However, SHARE video recording is disabled when streaming at 60fps.

PS4 Pro: ​1080p, 60FPS
PS4:​ 720p, 60FPS

N​OTE: Supported resolutions and framerates may vary based on selected steaming service.


You can now add games and app you custom folders.

System UI/UX Updates​

Create Folders
Players can now consolidate apps and games into custom folders in the Dynamic Menu.


Transfer Data copies your Capture Gallery to a new console.

Transfer Data
Similar to Back Up & Restore, Transfer Data allows user to directly connect 2 PS4 consoles onto the same network and transfer their previous data to a new system.

Settings > System > Transfer Data to Another PS4

2 Methods to Use Transfer Data:

Wired Network Connections: Connect ethernet cables from both consoles to the same router.
Wifi Network Connections: Connect both consoles to the same Wifi network, then connect a ethernet cable between the 2 consoles' LAN ports.

NOTE: This process is initiated on the "target/new" console. As such this console will automatically be Initialized.​ The original console data is being copied from will remain unchanged.


Capture Gallery now displays a new tiled view.

SHARE/Live from PlayStation Updates

Tiled Capture Gallery View
The Capture Gallery now displays content in a tiled thumbnail view. Players can still see names and file info in OPTIONS > Information.

Settings > System Storage Management > Capture Gallery still displays in the original "Details List" view.


You can now save any frame in System Trim as a Screenshot.

"Save As Screenshot" in System Trim
In System Trim, you can now highlight any frame in a video and select "Save As Screenshot". This will save an image to the Capture Gallery from the video frame highlighted.


Updated Activity Feeds in PS4 System Software 4.00.

Activity Feed Visual Update
What's New and the Activity Feeds have been updated to display a larger view for content in the feeds.

LfP MyShares

All your previous uploads to Live from PlayStation now appear in "My Shares".

"My Shares" in ​​Live from PlayStation​
Any Videos or Screenshots previously shared to social media by the current user is now listed in this menu.


You can now restrict who can tag you in posts with Privacy Settings.

​​Limit "Played With" Tagging​
Players can now set more defined limits on who can tag them in the "Played With" field when sharing Activities to Friends of Friends and Friends Only.

​​Settings > PSN/Account Management > Privacy Settings > Sharing Your Experience > Tags


Quickly clear Upload Notifications by spamming X.

Quickly Delete Upload Notifications
Spamming X now can quickly remove messages found in ​​​​Notifications > Uploads. (Common issue for "Cannot Upload.")


Communities can now be found in the Live Area of the system menu.

Updates to Communities

Communities Added to Live Area​​​​
Previously included in Friends, Communities now have their own dedicated section in the Live Area.


You can now reply to other comments in Communities.

​Nested Replies Players can now directly reply to comments in Communities and have more focused conversations within the main discussion thread.


Communities can now support over 100K members.

Increased Member Cap Over 100K​​​​
Member limit increased from 10K.


Now share screenshots directly to PS Messages and Communities.

Share Screenshots to Messages & Communities
Players can now send pictures automatically to Communities posts and include in Message with the SHARE button.


You can now individually control what Communities you get Notifications for.

Granular Control for Community Notifications
Rather than globally disabling all Community Notifications, you can now individually disable specific Community Notifications for Comments and Replies.

Select a Community > Settings > Notifications

+4.50 PS4 System Software Updates & ChangesEdit

EditinSF CG

Launch Edit in SHAREfactory mode from the Capture Gallery OPTIONS menu.


Edit in SHAREfactory mode.

Capture Gallery

Edit in SHAREfactory
You can now launch a lite version of SHAREfactory directly from the Capture Gallery. This version allows players to edit a video or photo project directly from the Capture Gallery with a basic theme, export, then return to the Capture Gallery.

Highlight any clip or screenshot > OPTIONS > Edit in SHAREfactory

NOTE: Edit in SHAREfactory can select up to 16 videos, however the full 50 can be added in-app.


You can now set any Capture Gallery Screenshot as your Dynamic Menu background.

Set Screenshot as Background Image
You can now set any image in the Capture Gallery as you Dynamic Menu background. (Screenshot OPTIONS menu)


You can now make you're own custom posts to the What's New Activity Feed.

Activities / Live from PlayStation

Custom Activity Feed posts
You can now add your own Screenshots and GIFs to posts in the PSN Activity Feeds without an Online Connected Service.


GIFs now appear in Live from PlayStation Screenshots.

GIFs now post to LfPS & What's New
GIFs from SHAREfactory now publish to Live from PlayStation when uploaded to Twitter or PSN Activities.

Share Screenshots & GIFs to Activities
GIF now have the option to post directly into the Activity Feeds, without a connected Online Service.

GIFs use same Dual Title IDs for LfPS as videos
As with videos previously mentioned in System Software 3.50, exporting GIFs that only use 1 game and SHAREfactory will publish to both titles' Activities.


You can now change the your selected upload without losing your post details.

Share Menu

Change Selection
Players can now change their selected Videos or Screenshots directly from the Share Upload dialog. This allows players to keep their post details while changing the item being uploaded.


Played With now displays extra info describing it's function.

Played With info
Played With now displays a detailed description of the option's function.


System Storage Management has been renamed to Storage.

System UI/UX Updates​

Settings > Storage
Previously System Storage Management.


You can now upload and download game saves from PS Plus via the app's OPTIONS menu.


Quickly compare and contrast save data info.

Upload/Download Save Data to PS Plus
Player can now directly upload and download game saves from the LiveTile's OPTIONS menu

+5.00 PS4 System Software Updates & ChangesEdit

YT Thumbnails

System Software 5.00 will now publish Generate Thumbnail from SHAREfactory to YouTube Thumbnails.

YouTube Thumbnails

When uploading to YouTube, SHAREfactory's Generate Thumbnail option will not only modify your project save icon and Capture Gallery thumbnail, but transfer automatically to your YouTube Thumbnail as well.



Twitch Broadcasts on PS4 Pro now support streams at 1080p/60fps.

NOTE: Video recording with SHARE2 is disabled when streaming at 60fps.


Grow your Community on PS4 by linking Communities you own.

Link Community with your Broadcasts
You can now link Communities you own with your livestreams. To enable this option:


Sharing & Broadcasting

Broadcast Settings

Advanced Settings

Link with your Broadcasts

Enable Community Link

Privacy Social500

Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings have been reorganized into simpler and more focused menu, consisting of menus for Games, Social, and Public Profile management.


Custom Friends Lists allows you to organize your groups of friends and teammates.

Friends and Followers

Custom Friends Lists allows you to organize your friends into custom groups for Messaging, Tagging, or group invites so you can easily find who you need quickly and easily.


Just as with Verified Players, you can now follow any PSN Player instead of being required to Friend Request.

Follow Anyone
Previously only open to Verified PSN Players, you can now Follow anyone with enabled Privacy Settings. This removes the requirement that user's must be Friends on PSN to follow their activities and published posts.