Creating a Video Projects​Edit

Timeline demo

Main Video Timeline in SHAREfactory Video Projects.

With any video or screenshot saved to the Capture Gallery, launch the SHAREfactory app. You can start a new project to assemble your videos together, or edit an existing project from a previous save.

  • To Start a New Project, first select a Theme. SHAREfactory Themes each contain unique assets you can add to your project. Find more info in Theme Assets​.

  • Next select any video clip stored in your Capture Gallery. You can add up to 50 Clips or 80 mins of footage to a single film project.

  • Once you have your clips selected, press SQUARE to ​Start Project, choose a name for your Project, then you will load your selected videos into the Main Timeline editor.

Basic Editing FunctionsEdit

Trim demo

SHAREfactory Projects include many functions, such as Trim Clip.

The Main Timeline includes several primary editing functions for editing videos and screenshots, found in the SQUARE Edit Menu:

  • SplitclipSplit Clip - Cut a clip at the playhead. Source clips are never affected by SHAREfactory.
    Split Clip Mode includes 3 primary functions:
    • XSplit cuts the clip at the playhead's position.
    • SQUAREDelete removes the clip from the timeline.
    • PS4 L2 ButtonSnip combines Split and Delete to remove all footage to the right or left and the playhead, whichever endpoint is closest.
      TIP: This is a great tool for precise editing and timing with Music Tracks.

  • TrimclipTrim Clip - Enter the Trim Screen to quickly set the endpoint of your selected video.

  • MoveclipMove Clip - Change the position of the selected clip in the Timeline.

  • DeleteclipDelete Clip - Remove the clip from the project. (Clip remains in the Capture Gallery).

  • CloneclipClone Clip - Copy/Paste the current clip with all effects and settings.

  • ClipvolumeClip Volume - Set the volume of the clip between 0%-200%

  • Screenshotsettings(Screenshot) Settings - Swaps with Clip Volume for adjustable SHAREfactory Art, opening additional options.

  • Export to Gallery​ - When finished editing your project select TRIANGLE1 Share or OPTIONS > Export to Gallery to save a video of your project to the Capture Gallery or upload online.

Sticker & Text Overlays​Edit


Add unique Stickers to your projects with each theme.

Editoverlays Overlays are Sticker and Text FX you can add at any point in Track 1 Videos or Screenshots.

Full details of how to apply, edit and control Overlays can be found in FX Behaviors & Functionalities



Use Filters to maodify how videos and screenshots appear

EditfilterFilters apply full screen effects to the video or screenshot on Track 1 and displays from the full duration of the clip.

  • Many Filters include extra EditfilterFilter Settings that can be modified with Edit Filter > Filter Settings​.



  • Just as Overlays, Filters can be stopped from displaying for the full duration of the clip by using Split Clip

  • Filters can also be applied to Track 2 clips and Photo Editor Projects



Much like Filters, EditlayoutLayouts​ apply to the full duration of a Video Clip or Screenshot​. There are 2 types of Layouts:

  • Default Layouts​, which include can either display the image offset over a Theme Art backdrop, or those that display "letterboxing" aspect ratio effects.

  • Layouts also include Vignettes​, many of which include extra Layout Settings​ that can be adjusted for Intensity or Color options​.

Layouts can only be applied toTrack 1 in Video Projects​, however you can also apply Vignettes to Photo Project frames​.

Time BenderEdit


Time Bender appearance in the Main Timeline.

Timebender iconTime Bender is an option that allows you to change the playback speed of your videos to create time-lapse or slow-motion effects.

You can also change the blending options for the clip to STEP or SMOOTH to adjust how the affect will appear.

Clips affected by Time Bender displays in Track 1 as PURPLE.

Find more details in Time Bender (Playback Speed Control). ​


Transition Demo

Use Transitions to smoothly switch between cuts in the Main Timeline.

Transitions allow users to smoothly change between 2 clips in the timeline with different effects, or overlay them with a cinematic video.

More details in Transition Behaviors.

Track 2 & CommentaryEdit

SHAREfactory™ v1

SHAREfactory™ v1.09 Track 2 & Green Screen Tutorial (PS4)-0

Commentary received a major overhaul in Patch 1.08 by becoming the new Edittrack2Track 2 in SHAREfactory Film Projects. Track 2 supports a wide variety of updates and changes to recording commentary, as well as adding Capture Gallery video clips for Side-by-side videos and new Green Screen support.

More details in Track 2 Behaviors & Functionalities.


Music Waveform in Trim Music

Editmusic Music Mode allows editors to add their own custom audio tracks to their SHAREfactory Projects. You can also add your own Music and Audio files into SHAREfactory via USB. Just as Track 2, Music Mode is a separate and independent timeline from the main video timeline. As such any changes on the other timelines do not affect the positioning of others.

More details in Music Mode Behaviors & Functionality.

Photo Editor​Edit

SHAREfactory™ 2

SHAREfactory™ 2.00 Photo Editor Walkthrough (PS4)-1


SHAREfactory 2.00 added the new Photo Editor mode, which allows editors to create photo collages of their Screenshots in the Capture Gallery. Photo Collages can contain up to 16 frames and 1 background image.

More details in Photo Mode Behaviors & Functionalities.

GIF Maker​​Edit

SHAREfactory™ 2

SHAREfactory™ 2.00 GIF Maker Walkthrough (PS4)-0

SHAREfactory™ version 2.00 introduces the ability to create Animated GIFs from your Capture Gallery Videos and your existing SHAREfactory Projects. Animated GIFs can be up to 10 seconds long and share to Twitter or PSN Activity Feeds. You can also view this quick tutorial video on this mode.

More details in GIF Maker Behaviors & Functionalities.