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Below you'll find helpful tips and how-to's on common issues you may encounter.

Here you'll find some of the most common questions editors may encounter when using SHAREfactory, as well as guides for working with the publishing tools on PlayStation®4.

"Cannot Upload" Notifications Edit


Common fixes for Cannot Upload notifications.

This is a fairly common issue that many players may encounter, however this Notification will display for a variety of different reasons with no communications to the different causes.

  1. Most Common: Upload Notification menu fills to an unknown number of messages. If the user deletes all Upload Notifications from Notifications > OPTIONS > Uploads, the process is allowed to complete.

  2. Occasionally, there can be some interference in the handshakes between YouTube and the console. Signing in/out of YouTube in Settings > Sharing & Broadcast > Link with Other Services, then fully restarting the system can resolve the issue. No difference is error message displays for “Cannot Upload”

  3. If the user has not completed the YouTube account creation by confirming their email address with YouTube prior to connecting the account to the PS4, the “Cannot Upload” message will display. User is not prevented from attaching their YouTube account to the console prior to doing this. After confirming their email with YouTube’s site, the user can upload normally. No difference is error message displays for “Cannot Upload”

  4. There have also been a recent string of occurrences where uploads have been failing when only one upload notification message displays. All previous uploads have completed normally. Restarts and other previous resolutions do not affect this issue. Only Rebuild Database appears to affect this recent occurrence. No difference is error message displays for “Cannot Upload”.

  5. If an upload fails and is left in an incomplete state on YouTube, this can also prevent uploads. This can be identified by viewing the YouTube account’s Video Manager. If the video is left in an incomplete state “processing”, attempts to upload the same video will fail to upload. Deleting the incomplete upload from the YouTube Video Manager will allow to upload process on PS4 to complete. No difference in error message displays for “Cannot Upload”.

  6. After Transferring Data to a PS4 Pro, there seemed to be an issue with verifying a user’s login credentials to YouTube. Logging in and out of YouTube in Sharing & Broadcast > Linked Services did not appear to correct the issue, however performing this in PSN/Account Management > Linked Services did resolve the issue. User stated that the indication of the issue was observed by their YT account name was not displaying in the Share Upload Dialog. SOURCE: NeoGAF

  7. When selecting Upload Screenshot from the SHARE menu, you can upload 4 to Twitter at once, or 30 to Facebook. When uploading 4 Large 4K Images to Twitter, the User will get “Cannot Upload”, while single uploads will complete. (Twitter’s upload limit from the web is 15MB. Uploading a single Export at 18.36MB completes, downscaled?)

  8. Signing in and out of YouTube App on PS4 has also cleared some handshake issues when attempting to upload. It is unclear if this is new to a recent YouTube PS4 App patch.

  9. A more drastic method to clear this up can be used as a last resort when all of the previous methods have failed. This method involves removing PSN from Connected Services within the User Profiles of the YouTube website.


"My PS4 says I need to install SHAREfactory, but the PS Store says it's already installed."Edit

Already installed

System says SHAREfactory is already installed but asks to download.


PS4's Safe Mode menu.

Recently, some users have reported they are unable to open SHAREfactory, where the system says that the app is not installed. However, when attempting to re-download it, the PlayStation Store claims it is already installed.

There are 2 known ways to address this issue:

  • SHAREfactory does NOT support installation to an external hard drive. As the app requires many functions of the system directly, it cannot function should it be installed via this feature. As such, simply disconnect the External Hard Drive from the PS4 and attempt to install SHAREfactory again.
  • There have be occurrences where the PS4 HDD can become fragmented, due to extended usage or delete/installed several large files over time. Just like a PC, this can require defragmentation or other disk health checkups. Rebuild Database in the PS4's Safe Mode performs this operation when necessary.
To enter Safe Mode, follow these steps at: PlayStation Support

NOTE: Rebuild Database performs safe and healthy diagnostic tools for your PS4. Contrastly, Initialize PS4 is a full format, or erasure of the PS4's Hard Drive. Be sure not to confuse the two in this menu.

"​How do I import Music/Videos/Images into SHAREfactory?"Edit


Import Content from USB must adhere to the correct folder structure.

SHAREfactory's Import options require a specific folder structure and file system to function. As the PS4 only supports the file systems FAT32 or exFAT, drives cannot be formatted in NTFS. Also, special folders must also be created on the USB drive to hold the imported music, videos or images.

USB Format
​FAT32/exFAT are file system formats that can be set by Desktop PCs. PS4 systems can only read USB drives formatted in these file systems, and affect both the USB Music Player app and SHAREfactory™'s USB Import.

On any PC (Windows) right-click the USB Drive in My Computer

  1. Select Format
  2. Select FAT32/exFAT in the File System drop-down
  3. Select Start and allow the process to complete
  4. Create a folder called "SHAREfactory" in the root directory of the USB Drive, then inside that create folders called "Music", "Videos" and "Images". Place any desired content in each appropiate folder.
        EXAMPLE: D:\SHAREfactory\Music\ *place music files here*
  5. Your USB Drive is now ready for use


USB Music Import supports the following file formats:
MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, OGG, AMR, 3GP, or 3GP2
    Additions requirements can be found in the SHAREfactory User Manul Page 69.

USB Video Import supports the following file formats:
MP4, M4V, or MOV files using H.264 encoding
    Additions requirements can be found in the SHAREfactory User Manual Page 68.

USB Image Import (Stickers) supports the following file formats:
    Additions requirements can be found in the SHAREfactory User Manual Page 70.

"​Can I use my mobile phone for SHAREfactory Import?"Edit

How to Add Music to SHAREfactory with Mobile Phones (PS4)

How to Add Music to SHAREfactory with Mobile Phones (PS4)

While the PS4 itself does not support mobile devices as a storage medium, there are some options you can use to transfer Music, Video, and Image content from your mobile phone without a PC or Mac.

On-The-Go (OTG) USB Drives
These USB Drives include one or more connections in addition to the standard Type-A connect used by PS4 Consoles. When used in combination with Android devices and mobile apps such as ES File Explorer, you can create folders and move files independently between your mobile phone and the OTG USB Drive.
NOTE: iOS Devices such as iPhones and iPads do not support folder creation and manual file moving on OTG USB drives. These actions are managed and controlled exclusively through iTunes.
Spotify & Other Streaming Services
As this is both a violation of Spotify's Terms & Conditions and is unsupported by the PS4 System Hardware itself, using streaming music services for Music Import is not permitted. Always be sure to use your own music in SHAREfactory projects.

"Can we get an "X" SHAREfactory Theme?"Edit


Be sure to let your favorite developers know you'd like to see a SHAREfactory Theme for their game.

As SHAREfactory Themes are generally made of content owned by various independent publishers and use the dual-entitlement system to ensure they are treated as add-ons for their respective games, it is not up to the SHAREfactory team what themes are produced.

In order for a specific SHAREfactory Theme to be made, the publisher needs to see public desire for that specific Theme, and users should let their favorites know they'd like to see one on the game developer's respective social media accounts. (Twitter, Facebook, Forums, etc.)

"I got a YouTube Copyright Strike for SHAREfactory Music."Edit

Matched blurred

Examples of different levels of blocks enforced by YouTube.

A small number of our songs may trigger "Matched 3rd Party Content" & prevent monetization, but never Copyright Strikes

3rd-Party Content Matches occur when Users upload videos to YouTube, and sometimes may be flagged by the rights holder of the Music Track used. Per the licensing agreements o​f SHAREfactory, this should never result in a copyright strike. However, there are a handful of Music Tracks that will prevent monetization when this occurs, and instead insert ads that support the content owner.

Most included songs (those added by Patches) should remain license-free to editors. DLC Theme Music may encounter this issue per individual licensing agreements, and on a case-by-case basis depending on the ​Theme's 3rd Party licensing.

Currently-flagged Music

  • Accelerate Instrumental (v1.05)
  • Lucid Dream Remix (v1.05)
  • Pressure Plate (v1.07)
  • She's So Strange (80s)
  • For A Block (80s)
  • Paradise (80s)
  • Fever Pitch (70s)
  • Driving to the Edge of Time (70s)
  • Driving to the Edge of Time (Instrumental) (70s)
  • Frankie's Diner (50s)>
  • Cool Cool Rocker (50s)
  • Seeing What's Next (Rocket League)
  • I Can Be (feat. Crysta) (Rocket League)


"How Do I Make YouTube Thumbnails?"Edit

MyProjects Generate Thumbnail

Generate Thumbnail image in My Projects

Generate Thumbnail in SHAREfactory Film Projects is used to make custom icons for projects in the My Projects screen and on the video icon of the Export in the Capture Gallery. This image is not transferred to YouTube as this functionality is not supported by their service.

NOTE: This behavior is not limited to SHAREfactory, as YouTube only allows users to add Custom Thumbnails to videos through the Video Manager on their desktop website, or through their own YouTube Creator Studio mobile app (Android, iOS).

UPDATE: With PS4 System Software Update 5.00 SHAREfactory's Generate Thumbnail option now transfers automatically to YouTube Thumbnails.

YT CustomThumbnail blurred

Options to change YouTube Thumbnails

"Can I record ​​Party Chat​ into My Videos?"Edit


Enable Share Party Audio in Audio Sharing Settings to record Party Chat into SHARe Videos.

While Party Chat cannot be recorded into ​SHAREfactory Track 2 Commentaries, you can record live chats into SHARE Video Clips with ​Share Party Audio.

To enable in the Dynamic Menu, select:

  1. Settings
  2. Sharing & Broadcast Settings
  3. Audio Sharing Settings
  4. Share Party Audio

NOTE: To ensure the privacy of each user recorded, ​Party Members must Allow Your Voice to be Shared.This option is available in:

  1. Party
  2. Party Settings
  3. Allow Your Voice to be Shared

NOTE: Just as with ​Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips, this audio is permanently embedded into Video Clips and cannot be removed​.

​IMPORTANT: In the current system software, if ​Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips is Enabled, game audio is reduced in recordings to balance audio. This occurs regardlessly if a microphone is connected or not. If this option is left enabled while editing a SHAREfactory Project, Export volume will be reduced by half​. Because Track 2 Video Commentaries also save to the Capture Gallery, they too will be affected by this issue and will be reduced twice on export.

Be sure to disable this option prior to using Exporting in SHAREfactory.

"Can I add/split more than 50 clips?"Edit

50clips 80mins

Due to memory constraints, you can only use 50 clips/splits at once. However, Exports count as one clip.

Some Users may find that 50 Clips is not enough to fully complete their project. To circumvent this, Users can export their current projects to the Capture Gallery, then add the exported video clip into a new Project as a single Video Clip.

There are some things to keep in mind before attempting this method:

  • Remove as much of the Project's audio as possible to prevent any unintended audio-balancing issues when re-importing the Project.
  • If you wish to switch the Project's Theme, be sure to apply any FX or other Theme-specific Assets to the Project before Exporting.
  • Users may wish to apply Transitions before Exporting to Gallery, as it may prove more difficult to Split the larger clip at the intended times.


"Can I send a video to a friend directly/privately?"Edit


Use Privacy Controls to share videos with select groups.

Direct Messages on PSN cannot contain videos. However, users can publish to YouTube with "Unlisted" Privacy settings, then share a link to the video with the person they wish to view it. Other similar options are available for Facebook and dailymotion.

Another option is to take advantage of Share Play or Request to Watch features of Party Chat while using SHAREfactory. You can then playback your video in SHAREfactory for the other user to see.

"Audio in my Exported Video appears desynced from my Music."​Edit


Variable Bitrate (VBR) music files can cause many timing errors.

MP3s encoded with Variable Bitrates have been known to cause issues with audio maintaining static positions in the music timeline. We recommend only using MP3s encoded with Constant Bitrates (CBR) at 320kbps. If you need to re-encode your audio files to Constant Bitrate, we recommend applications such as Audacity or Goldwave.

"I cannot copy my SHAREfactory Video to USB." (Rockstar Editor)​​Edit


Disabled "Copy to USB" in Exports using restricted content.


Disabled Online Services for restricted content.

As mentioned in the 3.50 PS4 System Software Update and previously in the 2.55 PS4 System Software Update, Exports containing Rockstar Editor footage could no longer Copy to USB & are only permitted to upload to YouTube.

+3.50 PS4 System Software modifies this functionality that only now affects Exports containing footage from videos created by the Rockstar Editor, allowing normal SHARE2 video clips captured in GTAV to be used freely in SHAREfactory. The previous blocks occurring in 2.55 will now only occur if Exports from the Rockstar Editor, and are used in SHAREfactory Projects.

"Can we record/export video at 1080p/60fps?"Edit


SHARE is hardware locked to 60FPS, and can only stream at 60FPS when recording is disabled.

Due to the hardware limitations of the systems, 1080p/30fps for SHARE recordings and SHAREfactory Export is an exclusive feature for the PS4 Pro. 1080p/60fps is only availble for streaming on the PS4 Pro when SHARE recording is disabled.

"Can I record the Dynamic Menu and Notifications?"​Edit

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Below you'll find helpful tips and how-to's on common issues you may encounter.

The Dynamic Menu is blocked from both recordings and streaming on a system level in order to ensure not​ only the privacy of the current user, but also the privacy of any friends and Real Names that connect with your user account.

Notifications are also blocked for these privacy concerns.

"SHAREfactory says I'm out of disk space. How do I record more Audio Commentary?"Edit

Comm budget

As mentioned in Budgets & Behaviors, Audio Commentary is saved to SHAREfactory internally, and it limited to a total of 6-7 hours saved into video projets. In order to save and create more, you'll need to delete the saved Commentary from older projects and save the changes, or fully delete the old projects with saved commentary.

It is also worth noting that in very old projects created before Patch 1.08, Video Commentary also saved internally and used up much more of the allotted 1GB of data for Commentary (15 minutes of older video commentary). Deleting these Commentaries will free up much more space for recording new Audio Commentaries.

"When I try to import my video, it says my Keyframe Interval is too high. How do I fix this?"Edit

How to encode videos for USB Import into SHAREfactory™ 2

How to encode videos for USB Import into SHAREfactory™ 2.50 (PS4) (Fix Keyframe Interval)-0

Keyframes are frames videos refer to for seeking and color management. Good examples are the thumbnails displayed while seeking through YouTube Videos. In order to maintain proper responsiveness of seeking and other functions in SHAREfactory, this value can be no higher than 60 for editing. A value of 30 is highly recommended for proper responsiveness. Please see this tutorial video for a full explanation on using Handbrake to correct videos with this error.

"When I try to import my images, it says my image resolution is too high. How do I fix this?"
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Below you'll find helpful tips and how-to's on common issues you may encounter.

It is important to note that Image Import for USB is designed primarily for importing stickers up to 720p, not fullscreen images at 1080p or 4K. For these images, it is recommended editors capture these images with the SHARE2 button in the Web Browser, then add them to projects with the Add Screenshot option.

Import Images also has strict resolution requirements for landscape images. (Images at 1280 x 720 will import, images at 720 x 1280 will not.)

Once Images are imported from the Import Content menu, you can find your custom stickers in any Video or Photo Project under Add Overlays > Imported Stickers. Full details on supported filetypes for Image Import can be found on Page 70 of the SHAREfactory User Manual.

"My video and commentary is really quiet after exporting my project."Edit


In the current system software, if Include Microphone Audio in Video Clips or Share Party Audio is Enabled, the console automatically reduces the volume of game audio recorded to balance with Microphone input. This function is still active even without a microphone connected and will also affect the Export process in SHAREfactory.

Furthermore, as Video Commentary is saved to the Capture Gallery as their own videos, this issue will occur for every Video Commentary recording, and again when the project is exported, effectively doubling the reduction. Because Audio Commentary is saved internally, these recordings are not affected.

When editing a Project in SHAREfactory, always be sure this option is Disabled prior to recording Video Commentary or Exporting Videos. This issue will be addressed in a future system software update.

To disable these options:

  1. Settings
  2. Sharing & Broadcast
  3. Audio Sharing Settings

"Why do my SHARE Videos look muddy with bad colors?"Edit

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Below you'll find helpful tips and how-to's on common issues you may encounter.

Video clips created with the button do not support HDR color options, as they do not contain the full color gamut ranges for HDR. This can result in some scenes looking different from those when playing.

"Why is there an echo of others players and sounds in my videos?"Edit


Echo of gameplay audio is usually a sign of gameplay audio being through an active microphone. This often is manifested by players with loud TVs playing game audio, or Party Chat being played through a user's TV. This audio is then picked up by the user's microphone and re-broadcasted into video recordings and Party Chat.

These cases are often remedied by playing game and chat audio through a headset so the user's microphone only picks up their voice. This can also occur if a Party Chat member also has this type of setup.

To address this issue:

  1. Hold the PS button to open the Quick Menu
  2. Sound/Devices
  3. Output to Headphones
  4. All Audio

"There is a Placeholder Clip at the end of my project. How do I remove it?"Edit


Placeholder clips display when more Music or Commentary exist than video.

A blank Placeholder Clip is produced when more Music or Track 2 Commentary exists than video in Track 1.

This Placeholder Clip does not count toward the 50-clip limit, and will not be added to Exports. To remove the Placeholder Clip from a project, Track 2/Music must be trimmed to less that the existing Track 1 videos, or simply add more videos to Track 1.

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