Sticker & Text Overlay Updates in SHAREfactory™ 2

Sticker & Text Overlay Updates in SHAREfactory™ 2.00 (PS4)

"FX" covers the various ways you can modify your clips and screenshots using Overlays, Filters & Layouts.

  • Overlays are Stickers & Text FX that can be placed into Video and Photo Projects, allowing Editors to add additional content and effects.

  • Filters & Layouts apply effects to the full clip or screenshot.

When applied, these FX display an "FX" flag on the end of a clip or screenshot, notifying the user that an Overlay, Filter or Layout has been applied to the clip or screenshot in a Video Project. Photo Projects can also use these effects.

General Overlay Behaviors​Edit

How to control Sticker Text durations in SHAREfactory (PS4)-0

How to control Sticker Text durations in SHAREfactory (PS4)-0

In Video Projects, when applying a Sticker or Text Overlay onto a Clip or Screenshot, these FX become locked to appear at the point the playhead is currently positioned at. In other words, if the playhead is positioned 5 seconds after a clip begins, the FX will always appear 5 seconds after the clip starts. This behaviors remains in affect even if the beginning of the clip is Trimmed, causing the Overlay to display 5 seconds after the new starting point of the clip.

Stopping Overlays with Split Clip:
Adversely, once placed an Overlay will display for the remaining duration of the Clip. If the User wishes to make a clip stop displaying at a given point, then the Clip must be Split. This action creates a new clip at the exact position of the Split and removes all FX applied to th​e previous clip. No issues should occur in the audio or video of the clip when playing over the split, and should appear seamless in playback and export.

NOTE: FX stopped by Split Clip - Overlays, Filters, & Layouts.
NOTE: FX unaffected by Split Clip - Volumes, Pan & Zoom, Time Bender.

​Edit Overlays​ ModeEdit


Select Add Overlays in the X Add Menu to insert any Sticker or Text onto the video at the playhead's position. Editors can also enter Edit Overlays from the main SQUARE Edit Menu. The functions available in this mode are as follows:

  • X Add will open the Choose Overlay menu and can add more Stickers and Text at the playhead's position.

  • SQUARE Edit opens the relevant Edit Menu between Stickers or Text Overlays.
    • Transform Overlays with Move, Scale and Rotate options:
      • RightAnalog to Move
      • PS4 L1 Button/PS4 R1 Button to​ Scale
      • PS4 L2 Button/PlayStation 4 button R2 t​o Rotate
      • SQUARE to Align the Overlay to the left, center, or right of the screen.

    • Opacity changes the transparency of an Overlay.

    • Layer Order and the Layers panel on the left side of the Edit Overlays screen allow users to move Overlays up and down in the display order. Editors can actively enter Layer Order in any Edit Overlay mode with the new changes in v2.00:​
      • LeftAnalog​​ to highlight the Layers panel at any time in Edit Overlays​​​.
      • Up Downto switches focus on a different Overlay.
      • X selects the highlighted Overlay in Layers​ for editing.
      • PS4 L1 Button/PS4 R1 Button moves the Overlay up and down in the Layer Order.

    • ​When editing Text Overlays, you can changes the following settings:
      • Color changes the color of the selected font.
      • Text Effects add many different effects to Text, such as Stoke, Glow, Emboss, Bevel and more.
      • Edit Text allows you to change your entered Text.​

Theme Overlays (Stickers & Text)Edit


When selecting a Theme to begin a Project, keep in mind that select assets are unique to each Theme. More on Theme Overlays can be found in Theme Assets.

In SHAREfactory, Theme Stickers can be found in:

Choose Overlays
Theme Stickers

Theme Fonts display as the first option(s) in:

Choose Overlay



Filters apply full screen effects to a video or screenshot and displays from the full duration of the clip.



  • Many Filter include extra Filter Settings that can be modified with Edit Filter > Filter Settings​.

  • Just as Overlays, Filters can be stopped from displaying for the full duration of the clip by using Split Clip​.

  • Filters can also be applied to Track 2 clips and Photo Editor Projects.​



Much like Filters, Layouts apply to the full duration of a Video Clip or Screenshot​. There are 2 types of Layouts:

  • Default Layouts, which include can either display the image offset over a Theme Art backdrop, or display letterboxing aspect ratio effects.

  • Layouts also include Vignettes, many of which include extra Layout Settings that can be adjusted for Intensity or Color options.

Layouts can only be applied to Track 1 in Video Projects. However, you can also apply Vignettes to Photo Project frames. ​

Track 1 Layouts vs. Track 2 PIP LayoutsEdit


While these 2 effects may appear the same, there are some behavioral differences between applied Track 1 Layouts and Track 2 PIP Layouts. With Layouts applied on Track 1, the player is not limited to the where the Layout can place other effects, such as Stickers and Text over the layout. If the player wishes to place a sticker of choice in the nested area of the layout, they are not prevented from doing so.

Using select PIP Layouts in Track 2, such as Offset or Side-by-Side, restricts any applied FX to the video viewports. Editors can however actively change the background image of PIP Layouts with PIP Backdrop > Replace Backdrop.

Layering FXEdit


Different FX display on top of others. See a list of examples above

Different FX Assets will appear over some, while others appear behind. Generally, FX Assets such as Stickers and Text Overlays will appear in the order they were placed, where the most recent appears on top, while the oldest appears on the bottom. Other FX and features appear in different priorities. These priorities display as follows from top-to-bottom:

  1. Track 2 PIP Video Commentary
  2. Transitions
  3. 3rd Sticker/Text Overlay placed
  4. 2nd Sticker/Text Overlay placed
  5. 1st Sticker/Text Overlay placed
  6. Layout
  7. Filter
  8. Track 1 Video Clip

​ ​: NOTE: Layer Order control for Overlays allows Editor to re-order Sticker and Text FX up or down in the display order. Other features retain the priorities stated above.

You can also now enter Layer Order Mode actively in Edit Overlays mode. LeftAnalog can automatically highlight the Layers panel in Edit Overlays and enter this mode, allowing more freedom to change Overlay display orders. ​

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