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SHAREfactory™ includes some set limits on how much data can be utilzed by the app, as well as how extensively Users can edit their projects. Below lists some of these cases to keep in mind:

Project Budgets​ LimitsEdit

These limits are defined for each individual Project. Once the active Project is exited, the User regains a new set of the following limits:

80-Minute Projects / 60-Minute ExportsEdit


Exports are limited to 60-minutes, however projects allow extra editing space of 80-minutes for editing.

When in any Project, the Editor can perform any edits to the Timeline within a 80 minute range, including Trimming, Importing Music and recording Commentary in Track 2. However, when the Editor is ready to export their Project, their video must fall within a 60-minute range, as the max length of any video in the Capture Gallery is restricted to 60 minutes.

Up to 50 Clips/ScreenshotsEdit

50clips 80mins

Due to memory constraints, you can only use 50 clips/splits at once. However, Exports count as one clip.

When Adding Clips or Screenshots to a project, the Editor is limited to a maximum of 50 Clip Segments. You can observe this progress in the Choose Clips menu, which will display the current number used and maximum allowed.

Because Split Clip essentially "duplicates" clips into 2 segments with matching endpoints, this also will increase the Clip count.
EXAMPLE: 49 Splits of one Clip = 50 Clips.

TIP: If you find your Project requires more than 50 Clips to achieve your desired results, use Export to Gallery to send your currently edited project to the Capture Gallery, then add the Exported Clip to a New Project. This essentially will reduce all your previous edits into once clip and can allow for further editing.


Placeholder clips display when more Music or Commentary exist than video.

A blank Placeholder Clip is produced when more Music or Track 2 Commentary exists than video in Track 1.

This Placeholder Clip does not count toward the 50-clip limit, and will not be added to Exports. To remove the Placeholder Clip from a project, Track 2/Music must be trimmed to less that the existing Track 1 videos, or simply add more videos to Track 1.

12 Music TracksEdit

Music Waveform in Trim Music

Only 12 Music Tracks/Segments are permitted in a single Video Project.

As above with Adding Clips or Screenshots, Editors can add any Music Track that falls within the 80 minute project limit.

As with Split Clip, the same rules also applies to Split Music, which also duplicates the Music Track. (11 Splits=12 Segments)

10 Commentary Segments in Track 2Edit


Editors can have up to 10 segments in Track 2, including both Capture Gallery clips and Audio Commentary recordings.

As with Split Clip, the same rules also applies to Split Clip​ in Track 2, which also duplicates the Commentary or Video Clip in Track 2. (9 Splits = 10 Segments)

As Videos recorded into Track 2 are saved to the Capture Gallery, Track 2 segments are restricted to the same 2-second minimum lengths.

Animated GIFsEdit

200 GIF

Animated GIFs are a new exporting option included with Patch 2.00. GIFs can be created in 2 ways:

  • From Capture Gallery Clips
  • From Saved SHAREfactory Video Projects

To create an Animated GIF:

  1. Open either open and select the clip or project you can to create a GIF from.
  2. Move the playhead to the position you want the GIF to start from and select X Create GIF.
  3. You'll enter the Create GIF Trim screen, where you can trim you GIF from 2 frames to 10 seconds in length.
  4. Select TRIANGLE1 Save to export your GIF to the Capture Gallery and upload to Twitter or PSN Activities.

NOTE: GIFs have 2 primary restrictions:

  • GIFs must be under 10 seconds or 5MB. This is to accommodated Twitter upload limits.
  • Capture Gallery GIFs support a single color palette, so your results of image quality will vary based on the content used to create a GIF.

Minimum SizesEdit

  • 1-Second Minimum Clip Size
    Clips within SHAREfactory™ can be reduced to a minimum of 1-second size with Trim Clip. To prevent Clips from becoming shorter, Users cannot Split, Snip or Trim below this value. Additionally, when Transitions overlay a given area on clip ends, Users cannot edit this area of the Clip to prevent interference with this minimum size.

  • 2-Second Minimum Export Size
    Projects longer than 2-seconds in order to use Export to Gallery.

    NOTE: The minimum size for clips created in the Capture Gallery both by SHARE2 and the Capture Gallery's Trim's is also 2-seconds.

  • 2-Second Minimum Track 2 & Music Size
    Track 2 & Music cannot be Split or Trimmed into less than ​2-seconds. This is also due to the Capture Gallery minimum video size of 2-seconds.

  • Applying Transitions
    All Transition require the exact amount of video for each attached clip as the Transition itself. Attached clips must have enough frames available in the clip or the trimmed sections of the clip to be applied. Transitions also cannot overlap each other, so any attached clip must accommodate both Transitions.

Globally Shared Budgets (5GB)Edit

To maintain the HDD space used and because the internal saved data is not unique for SHAREfactory™, a set amount of data is allocated to the app for user-created content (limited to 5GB total). Because of this, this allocated budget is shared across multiple Users on the same console. Furthermore, if any of this content is deleted after it has been saved into any SHAREfactory Project, then they will be removed. These shared budget behaviors also include USB Import Budgets, as well as some others.

2GB of Video for USB ImportEdit

PS4 SF Manual en-US68

Page 68 of the User Manual details the required encoding for imported videos.

How to encode videos for USB Import into SHAREfactory™ 2

How to encode videos for USB Import into SHAREfactory™ 2.50 (PS4) (Fix Keyframe Interval)

With Patch 2.50, Editors can now import their own videos from USB Drives into their SHAREfactory Projects. Editors have a max budget of 2GB to upload into SHAREfactory.

Below you'll find the required encoding for SHAREfactory videos:

  • Supported filetypes: MP4, MOV, M4V, each using H.264 encoding
  • Progressive Scan
  • Bitrate of 22 MBPS or less
  • Framerate from 12 to 60 frames-per-second. (Exports are hardware locked to 30FPS)
  • Video Duration from 1 second to 60 minutes
  • Keyframe Intervals (also referred to as "I-Frame" or "Group of Pictures/GOP") must be no higher than once for every 60 frames.

Keyframes are frames videos refer to for seeking and color management. Good examples are the thumbnails displayed while seeking through YouTube Videos. In order to maintain proper responsiveness, this value can be no higher than 60 for editing. However, a value of 30 is recommended. Please see this tutorial video for a full explanation on using Handbrake to correct videos with this error.

SOURCE: SHAREfactory Manual Page 68

32MB of Images for USB ImportEdit

PS4 SF Manual en-US70

Import your own Stickers from USB into SHAREfactory Projects.

Patch 2.50 also introduces the ability to import your own images in as Stickers into SHAREfactory projects, allocating 32MB for custom stickers. Much like Imported Videos, these also have a set number of restrictions:

  • Supported filetypes: JPG or PNG
  • Sizes from 64 x 64 up to 1280 x 720
  • PNGs images can support Transparency
  • Support from 8-bit to 32-bit color.

Once Images are imported from the Import Content menu, you can find your custom stickers in any Video or Photo Project under Add Overlays > Imported Stickers

It is important to note that Image Import for USB is design for importing stickers up to 720p, not fullscreen images at 1080p or 4K. For these images, it is recommended editors capture these images with the SHARE2 button in the Web Browser, then add them to projects with the Add Screenshot option.

Import Images also has strict resolution requirements for landscape images. (Images at 1280 x 720 will import, images at 720 x 1280 will not.)

SOURCE: SHAREfactory User Manual Page 70.

500MB of Music for USB ImportEdit

PS4 SF Manual en-US69

When using USB Import, Editors are allocated 500MB of space to add their own songs to Choose Music.

  • Supported formats: MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, OGG, AMR, 3GP, 3GP2
  • Bitrates from 64 to 320 KBPS

  • Durations from 1 seconds to 60 minutes

It is also worth noting that it is HIGHLY recommended editors use MP3s that are encoded with Constant Bitrates. In general usage, most MP3s are encoded with Variable Bitrates. This can often be seen by fluctuating bitrate values in audio players such as Winamp. While Variable Bitrates are great for compression and playback, they are not very proficient at maintaining locked timed positions, and can result in "floaty" positioning when attempting to time your edits. For this reason, it is recommended to only use Constant Bitrates in your MP3s. You can re-encode your audio files with a large variety of free audio editors, such as GoldWave or Audacity.

SOURCE: SHAREfactory User Manual Page 69.

6-7 Hours of Total Saved Audio Commentary (1GB)Edit

Editors are allocated above 1GB to record their Commentary, equaling:

  • 6-7 hours of Audio Only Commentary
  • 15 Minutes of Video Commentary
  • A combination of the above two
    • NOTE: As of v1.08, Video Commentary in Track 2 now saves to the Capture Gallery, removing it from budget constraints.

Once Audio Commentary is saved to a Project, that amount of the Audio Commentary Budget is "spoken for" across all Users on the system until it is deleted from the project, or the project itself is deleted.​

NOTE: Unlike Clips and Music, there is no visual readout of how much data Commentary is currently using.

Other BudgetsEdit

400 ProjectsEdit

SHAREfactory allocates a 60MB limit for Project saves. This allows for the app to save up to 400 Saved Video and Photo Projects each.

2048 files displayed in all "Choose" MenusEdit


In the event Users save over 2048 Clips in Capture Gallery, Choose Clips, Choose Screenshots, and My Gallery will display the most recent 2048 Clips in the app, while notifying in the menu that the older remaining clips are not displayed.

This also applies to GIF and Photo Galleries.

Online Services - Upload LimitsEdit


Available Online Services for Video uploading.

Unverified Accounts are limited to uploading 15 minutes per Video.
Verified Accounts can upload up to 11 hours per Video, or a maximum size of 128GBs.

dailymotion videos are limited to a size of 2GBs. For PS4 videos, this size will be about 35-38 minutes in length.

Facebook videos are restricted to a size limit of 1.75GB or 45 minutes in length. As the video compression rate cannot be changed, Users will reach the data limit with videos between 30-35 minutes in length.​

Twitter videos are limited to 140 seconds when uploaded from a PS4. As there is no communication of this limit until the upload process is started, Users will often have to utilize the system trim for this function.

Users can also upload multiple screenshots at once with Change Selection in the Share Screenshot dialog.

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